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Sending Out Emails

The Latest Examples of Phishing Scams

It has been awhile since I’ve talked about phishing scams, mainly the ones you receive in your email’s inbox. Believe it or not, I hadn’t received any for quite awhile. That all changed a few days ago when I was on a small vacation and happened to check my email and so I wanted to go over the latest examples of phishing scams.

I noticed that I had what appeared to be official emails from a certain company that deals with the exchange of money. My mental red flag alert though started engaging when I read the titles of those particular emails. I will go over those emails, what to look for, how to avoid them, and then how to report them.


Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scams: A Downside to Free Software

There’s lots of free software available online that can be beneficial to you and your computer. For Example, there are free anti-virus programs out there with some of them being pretty good and the nice thing about that is it can save you money so that you don’t have to buy any of the more well-known anti-virus programs that are out there.

Other free software can include alternatives to Microsoft Office and there are free video games you can play online too. While all this sounds good, because after all who doesn’t like free, there can be a downside to free software. Free programs that are available for download can be infected with malware or viruses which could cause harm to your computer.


Elderly Couple

Fraud Against The Elderly: Why Are They So Vulnerable?

There are many scams out there that try to part you with your money or even identity. I’ve talked about some specific types of scams known as phishing scams which are generally emails made to look like they are from legitimate companies such as Apple, Netflix, PayPal, and Amazon.

A lot of times I have shown examples of those types of fraudulent emails because I myself have received them especially ones that claim to be from PayPal, one of which you can read about here. Thankfully, I haven’t fallen victim to these type of phishing scams even though I’ve gotten close several times.


Scary Hacker

Falling For The Scams: One Nearly Got Me

Falling for the scams that circulate out on the internet is unfortunately an easy thing to do. So many people fall for them and end up losing money and even their identity which can take years to try and restore. There are certain things that you can do to help prevent you from becoming the next victim to scammers.

I’ve posted a lot of articles recently about a very common type of scam out there and it’s known as a phishing scam. They tend to come into your email inbox quite often and it is easy to fall for them because they tend to mimic a company that you actually have an account with, except it really isn’t them and they will try to get your valuable log in information so that they can do actual damage to the account you have with the actual company.


PayPal Email Scam - Another One

Netflix Phishing Emails are Increasing In Frequency

I’ve been talking about phishing email scams that are going around these days, in particular, PayPal phishing scams that I’ve been receiving and I’ve been getting a lot of them lately. In my latest article, I talked about the two best ways to protect yourself from phishing scams and I’ll reiterate those here. Netflix Phishing emails are on the increase as well.

In fact, I heard on a popular radio show this morning about one in particular that’s going around and one of the people on the radio show even received that particular Netflix scam. I received that scam recently myself and that’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at today.


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