How To Make Money Selling Ebooks

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It has been awhile since I’ve last talked about items or products that you can make money online with. In fact, the last one that I did was about selling printers online and if it can be a lucrative niche. I talked about how to properly research that niche, determine which products are the best ones to review and promote, and how you can go about creating a website centered around it.

Today I’m going to be talking about something very similar, but I thought I would talk about ebooks. I want to show you how to make money selling ebooks and I actually sold one this year for the first time. There are a lot of different ebooks out there, but there are people who are actually making pretty good income from selling them online.

I will take a look at where to sell ebooks, determine which are the best-selling ones, and how you can get some of that money from selling them. I’ll also talk a little bit about how it will be even more lucrative for you if you create your ebooks and sell them versus selling someone else’s.

Why Ebooks?

So many products being sold online these days are digital and ebooks are no different. A lot of people don’t want to buy physical books anymore as they do take up room and they prefer the convenience of digital ebooks as you can store and read them on what’s called the Kindle app from Amazon or other ebook readers.

Another thing is that it’s much easier to create an ebook these days than a physical book. With ebooks, you can be in full control of the marketing and content of the ebook and where it is sold. Many people are creating more ebooks than ever before and are profiting well from them.

Now I know writing can scare a lot of people away, but you’ll be surprised at what you can actually write if you give it a chance. If you still feel that it’s not your thing, you can sell other people’s ebooks, however, you can do so if they give away the master resell rights and I’ll get into that here in a bit.

You probably have more questions as to which kind of ebooks to sell or what ebooks people are buying. A lot of times you want to target or create an ebook that will solve a problem. A lot of people these days are looking into things that will help them lose weight or to earn money online. Others might want to find a way to complete a very challenging very video game. There are lots of people searching for many different things that will help them overcome whatever is challenging in their life at this moment and you can profit from that as long as you have something that will help them and ebooks is just so great for that.

Searching Amazon for Ebooks

Now I’m only suggesting Amazon to see what’s available in terms of ebooks being sold there. If you want to earn money from the sell of ebooks that way, you’ll have to become a member of Amazon’s associates program where you can earn commission by promoting different products on your website.

Something I do have to tell you though is that you won’t get the full amount of the money that the ebook or other product is being sold for as you’ll only get a percentage of that. I’m not entirely sure what the commission percentage of ebooks are at Amazon, but I believe it’s around 1% to possibly 4%.

Amazon’s commission structure has definitely changed over the years and not necessarily for the better if you’re an associate promoting their products. Still, this can be a great stepping stone for you so that you can get the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing and move on to other things where you can potentially earn more money online.

Prices for ebooks being sold on Amazon do vary, but you’ll see a lot of them being sold anywhere from $0.99 to even $14.99 and sometimes even higher. Imagine though if you created an ebook to sell on Amazon and you set a price of $5.99. If let’s say 2,000 people purchase it, that comes to a total of $11,980.

American Money

While that is a nice chunk of change, just remember that when you’re selling your ebook on Amazon, they get a percentage of that and so do any Amazon associates that are able to promote your ebook as well. Even after they get paid, you’ll still get a good amount of that money from the ebook that people bought.

Promoting other ebooks on Amazon can be lucrative as well. Some ways to find some of the best ones to promote if you’re an associate is to go to the best-seller’s list under the Kindle ebooks section. They’ll usually have the tops ones that are selling very well and having really good reviews.

There are some people who just don’t prefer Amazon whether it’s purchasing products or promoting products from them and that’s perfectly fine. They are not the only one in town and we’ll take a look at some other places online where ebooks can be sold.

Doing More Research

Amazon is not the only place you can do research online for selling ebooks. EBay is another great place online to purchase as well as sell ebooks. Barnes & Noble is also another great place for the selling of ebooks, especially if you’re an affiliate of them.

You’ll also be able to see what a lot of the best-sellers are at the Barnes & Noble site and see if they’re worth promoting. I don’t know what the commission rate for their affiliates is, but I imagine it might be a bit similar to Amazon’s or it could be more. If you’re wanting to become an affiliate of Barnes & Noble, then click here.

EBay has a lot of ebooks for sale there as well and you can find all kinds of different categories of ebooks. Now you can sell other people’s ebooks here, but it is a little bit different from what is done on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and I will go over that in the next section.

What’s neat about eBay is that there are quite a few ebooks for sale that are under a dollar and for many different categories. You’ll definitely want to search through the site in order to find ones that you might want to review and then promote if you end up enjoying it. Now I want to go over other ways to sell ebooks, in particular, ways you can sell other ebooks on eBay. I did mention earlier that I did sell one on eBay earlier this year and I’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Other Ways To Sell Ebooks

As I talked about earlier, there are other ways to sell ebooks and other places to sell them as well. What makes selling ebooks at eBay interesting is that they will allow you to sell other ebooks with what’s called master resell rights. What master resell rights mean is that you are licensed to resell a particular product as many times as you would like and you can even sell the master resell rights to that product as well.

There are also just regular resell rights meaning you can sell someone else’s product or ebook, but you are not allowed to resell the master rights to it. As you can see, you’re still able to make money selling ebooks this way. There is yet a third way to sell ebooks and it is called private label rights. What this means is that you can take an ebook for example and alter it in whatever way you want to. This particular label will even allow you to claim the ebook as your own.

Ebook Reader

Selling ebooks in this way is a great way for you to earn passive income and I will show a video at the end of this article that shows you exactly how to sell ebooks on eBay with master resell rights. I have actually tried this method and it really does work, but if you want it to work even faster from what it did for me, you’ll want to put multiple ebooks for sale on eBay by using the methods that this person shows.

The beautiful thing about ebooks is that you don’t have to worry about shipping costs as they are instant downloads, usually in PDF style, once someone purchases an ebook. It can be a little tedious to set up on eBay so that it can be downloaded, but the video walks you through it step by step.

If you feel like you want to create a full fledged online business where you can create your own ebooks to sell as well as promote other ebooks for affiliate commissions, then there is a place online that will teach you exactly how to do that and it will be well worth your time. I will talk about that in the next part.

How to Create Your Own Ebook Business Online

There are people who dream about leaving a traditional 9 to 5 job and working for themselves on their own time schedule. I know that I have a similar dream as well, but I want to earn the type of money that will allow me to do the kind of traveling that I’ve always dreamed of because traveling is my biggest passion.

The good news is that it is actually easier than ever before to make those kinds of dreams a reality thanks to the internet. You don’t have to own a traditional business like in a physical building in order to try to make this kind of money. Today it is extremely easy to set up your very own website to whatever niche you’re passionate about, and make it into a scalable online business where you can earn a full time income.

Ebooks is one such niche in which that is definitely possible and I just talked about different ways in which it can be done, but to make a scalable business in the niche of ebooks, the best way to do that is by doing what’s called Affiliate Marketing and having a website.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place that will teach you do just that online and give you the tools to be successful. One thing you need to keep in mind though is that this is not a way to get-rich-quick. You have to put time and effort into this or you won’t be successful. The more you are willing to work on your online business as well as learn, the greater the chance that you’ll be successful.

One great thing about Affiliate Marketing compared to a brick and mortar business is that the costs are MUCH lower when it comes to starting up a business. Doing a brick and mortar business, such as starting a franchise like lets say from McDonalds can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars while it’ll only be hundreds of dollars to set up an Afffiliate Marketing business, if that

If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, go ahead and read my review and then sign up because it is free to start out. You’ll have full access to all of Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days and then have access to the first 10 lessons as well as one website that you can create there once the full trial is up.

Now that you know how to sell ebooks online, you can definitely go ahead and give it a try for free. If you have experience with selling ebooks, definitely share your comments below. Check out the video below this if you want to jump in quickly and learn how to start selling ebooks on eBay to start getting some passive income.