How To Create Your Brand Logo

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There are many websites out there that have a logo that sets them apart from others. Everyone knows the logo Apple uses and they extend that to their own website. When creating a website here at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re going to want to create a logo that will make your brand unique as well as yours. I’m going to focus on how to create your brand logo in this post.

Creating a logo in the past used to be a daunting thing and even an expensive one. Kyle will tell you that in the new core training, but thanks to updated technology and the use of AI, creating a logo is MUCH easier than ever to create and can be done in a matter of minutes.

With the case study that I’m doing, I’ve already created a logo for my website and I will definitely show that in this article. Once I went through the training and understood what Kyle was talking about as well as shown, it was really easy to create one and he shows you the tools needed to do it. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the process of creating a logo for your brand.

Going Through The Training

The training within Wealthy Affiliate is top notch and they teach exactly what you need to know to build a successful online Affiliate Marketing business. Another good thing about the training here is that if you’re a Starter member, you’ll have free access to the first 8 lessons of the new core training which contain the building blocks of getting your website and brand up and running.

The 4th class contains exactly what you need to develop a logo for your brand/website and Kyle breaks it down so you’ll be able to create a logo to your liking in minutes. The video is a little over 18 minutes long and Kyle explains why it is important to have a logo centered around your brand as it will set you apart from others.

He will explain how to create a logo using two specific websites, one of which will really compliment the other if you can’t get the exact logo you want from the first one. The first one incorporates the use of AI in order to create the logo. You just have to input what you want such as the niche you’re targeting as well as the colors you’re going for and maybe what type of background you want to focus on. The more input you have, the more it’ll give you what you’re looking for though it may not be exact.

The website you’ll be using to create your logo is one that Microsoft created and is also free to anyone to use (for limited use though). That is Bing and Microsoft has really incorporated AI into its core to give users a unique experience.

Using Bing

It’s amazing what a lot of the tech companies are releasing these days in regards to enhancing the use of AI. Microsoft is no different and their search engine known as Bing, is no exception to this. They’ve added some awesome AI tools into the search engine one of which lets you create images or logos to your liking.

In order to use the image creator, you’ll go to and it will take you directly to that section of Bing. When you get there, you’ll notice a few things. One of them is a number with what appears to be a token by on the right side of the input bar where you put in how you want your image created. This number indicates the amount of images you can create in a day.

Now in order to get to that particular area and see that, on the left end of the page near the top, you’ll want to click on the word “creations” which is to the right of explore ideas. Creations will take you directly to the area for image creation or better known as designer.

You are basically ready to go ahead and start typing in what exactly it is you’re looking for. It is quite amazing what Bing can come up with based on your input so definitely play around with it a little bit, but not too much as you do have limited use of it. Basically, they give you 15 tokens to use and once that allotment is up, you’ll have to wait until it refreshes which I think is like in a day or two.

Make Sure the Logo fits Your Brand

Since we are now ready to create a logo, one thing you want to make sure of is that the logo fits your brand or the look you’re going for. This might take some thought, but try to formulate it into words so that you can input it into Bing so that it comes up with something as close to possible of what you’re wanting in a logo for your brand.

In my case, the logo I’m going for in regards to my other site, has to center around cryptocurrency. The name of my website is Be Crypto Safe and so I want the logo be about cryptocurrency. I also need to think about the color scheme that I want for it and what cryptocurrencies that I want shown within the logo.

The first time I did it, I said that my niche and website is centered around cryptocurrencies and so I want something that focuses on crypto, but related to the name of my website. While it came up with some interesting and colorful logos, it wasn’t quite to what I wanted so I became more targeted in what I wanted. The next thing that I inputed was that I wanted the logo to be silver and gold on a white background. Why did I choose silver and gold? Because those are traditional assets and I feel that crypto are the new silver and gold that are more easily investible.

The first go around under that new input wasn’t bad, but still wasn’t fully what I wanted. While it did give me logos based on the colors, silver and gold on a white background, it had one crypto symbol on it which is Bitcoin. Now there’s nothing wrong with Bitcoin as it is the first cryptocurrency ever created as well as the most well known and most valuable one out there, but there are many other cryptos out there too. I want my logo to incorporate a few other crypto symbols out there known as XRP (Ripple) and Ethereum. If you don’t know what those cryptocurrencies are, not to worry, you’ll be able to find out about them on my crypto website soon enough.

Once I put that in I also want other crypto symbols which were XRP and Ehtereum, it finally produced one that I liked which had Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. It is a little hard to see the Bitcoin symbol considering it is small and on the outer edge of the logo I liked, but I figured that it was close enough and so I went with it.

Other Tools

There is something that the training mentions which I think is important regarding logo creation. Kyle gives an example of the logo he’s going for and while some are really good, the spelling of words in the logo is not really up to par so he comes up with another suggestion that you can take that logo and move it to another tool and customize it to your liking.

I think that is an absolutely great idea and the tool he mentions is Canva which is a free graphic design tool online. Now I don’t have really any experience using Canva, but he does show a little bit of how to use it, in this case, updating the logo he had chosen from Bing. I do like the look of Canva and it looks like they have really creative design features to help you come up with something that you really like.

Canva is something that I may use in the future, but at this time, I’m satisfied with what I have. I encourage you though to look and see what other image/logo creator design tools out there because there’s definitely some good ones that can be used. Anything that can help you get the type of logo that you’re going for will definitely worth using.

There are also a number of tools you can use on your smartphone as there are a number of apps that made specifically to design or edit images and I have used some for fun purposes, you just have to search for one that you like and can be easy for you to use.

You can Change/Update Your Logo At Anytime

Let’s say that you’ve found a logo that you like and go with it for quite awhile, but as your website and audience grows, you might feel that it is time to change to look of certain things, one of which is the brand logo. The good news is that you can change your logo at any time, you don’t have to keep the same logo forever.

It is good to change things once in awhile, but I wouldn’t change it drastically. Pepsi is one example I think of with a little bit of logo changes throughout the years, but keeping the overall name or theme of it. If you’ve paid attention to companies over there years, you’ll definitely notice that they change their logo from time to time to try and keep up with the times and interest of people.

Now that you know how to create a logo, you have the tools available to change it later on down the line if you so choose. There’s definitely nothing wrong with giving your brand an update on its look later on down the road. In fact, in a future article that’s coming soon, I’ll be talking about a survey site I’ve been using the last few years that just very recently changed their look and it looks so much better and cleaner than what was before, that’s not to say what it was like before was bad, but it is refreshing to see a brand new look for the site especially one that seems to work for them. Stay tuned!