How To Create Your Brand Logo

There are many websites out there that have a logo that sets them apart from others. Everyone knows the logo Apple uses and they extend that to their own website. When creating a website here at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re going to want to create a logo that will make your brand unique as well as yours. I’m going to focus on how to create your brand logo in this post.

Creating a logo in the past used to be a daunting thing and even an expensive one. Kyle will tell you that in the new core training, but thanks to updated technology and the use of AI, creating a logo is MUCH easier than ever to create and can be done in a matter of minutes.

With the case study that I’m doing, I’ve already created a logo for my website and I will definitely show that in this article. Once I went through the training and understood what Kyle was talking about as well as shown, it was really easy to create one and he shows you the tools needed to do it. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the process of creating a logo for your brand.