What is Vindale Research?

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Vindale Research

Name: Vindale

Website: www.vindale.com 

Price: Free

Overall Rank: 50/100

What is Vindale Research All about?

If you’ve been looking to make money online and have been searching for ways to do that, you more than likely have heard that you can make a lot of money online just by doing surveys. Well there is some good news and bad news with that.

The good news is that you can definitely make some money by doing surveys. The bad news is though you’ll typically earn very little doing them and that’s even if you qualify for some of those surveys. It;s nice to have a little extra side money say like something where you can pay for a restaurant or maybe go out somewhere else for entertainment, but if you’re talking long term income, you’re better off trying that somewhere else (and I know where that somewhere else is).

Well it’s time to get straight to it. I want to talk about some of the Pros and Cons about Vindale Research. Before I get into it though, I do have to mention that I had actually tried out Vindale Research before and that was a little over 4 years ago. I did actually earn some money from them, to the tune of $50, but it did take me awhile though.

After I had earned that $50, very rarely did I ever use it again because it was hard to qualify for a lot of the surveys. Well, it appears that they’ve now changed things a bit and it’s a little different from what it was before. I guess during their change, they got rid of a lot of dormant accounts and so my old account with them was gone.

I recently had to create a new account to take a look at the revamped Vindale Research and in doing so and completing the short training after joining will net you your first dollar on there. Now I’ll talk a little bit about what I like and don’t like in regards to Vindale.


  1. This time around they have a short training for you to complete which gives you a great idea on how you’ll answer questions to qualify for surveys and how you’ll participate in surveys. It certainly is something new and really nice compared to what Vindale used to be like.
  2. The money you can earn for qualifying and completing a survey is decent. I’ve seen them range anywhere from $0.60 clear up to $5.00 in some cases, but I would say the average is $1-$3.
  3. There’s always a fresh list of surveys to take daily so there’s always a chance to earn some money with new surveys.


  1. The Surveys are not always easy to get qualified for. You’ll click on an area called studies which is where there’s a list of surveys to take and will list how much you’ll earn beside it if you choose to participate in it. The problem is, they ask you a set of questions which is basically a survey in itself to see if you’ll qualify for a particular survey. My experience is that more often than not, I  have generally not qualified. It makes you disappointed or frustrated because you spent time answering questions and come to find out you don’t even qualify.
  2. Something else that can be bothersome is that the payout threshold is kind of high. A lot of other survey sites out there generally have a payout threshold of $10 to $20 before you can  receive funds. At Vindale, the threshold is $50 and that  can definitely take awhile if you don’t qualify for many of the surveys.
What Is Vindale Research

Vindale Research training picture

Is Vindale a Scam and Do I Recommend It?

Vindale Research is definitely not a scam, but as I said earlier, don’t expect to make a lot of money with this. The surveys are not easy to qualify for and you’ll go through a lot before there’s one that you can qualify and earn some money from.

The only way I’ll recommend Vindale is if you want to just earn a little extra money each month. It’s not something that you can scale long term to earn a full time income from, but if you want to earn say an extra $50 to $100 each month, this is something worth checking out in that regard.

As I said earlier, it is hard to qualify for a lot of the surveys on that site, but I found something that can actually help you get qualified for surveys and earning some money a little quicker with Vindale. They will send you emails of new surveys that suddenly become available and if you’re fast enough, you can accept them and I found that even after going through their questionnaires, I’ve been able to qualify and take the surveys.

I’ve been able to complete at least 5 of them through email versus only one at the full site you log into. So far, I’ve nearly earned $7.00 just from the few surveys I’ve managed to take. Now when I was a member years ago, the site was a bit different as there were a few other ways to earn money besides just surveys.

You could earn some money from signing up of many different offers and trials of products and subscriptions. I only did this a few times, but I just thought it was cumbersome. If you don’t remember to cancel before the trail period is over, your credit card would be charged.

It appears that Vindale no longer offers that which I think is honestly a good thing. It looks like surveys now are just the main way you can earn some extra money there. You can also refer others and get $5 per referral. If you like Vindale and are able to participate in a lot of the surveys, referring some friends and others your know might not be bad option especially since you can earn money that way.

What is my Recommendation for a Full-Time Income?

Now that the question of what is Vindale Research has been answered and you know my likes and dislikes about it, you might be wondering if there is a place online where you can earn a full time income. The answer to that is undoubtedly yes.

My number 1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. It is in my opinion the best place online to build a long term scalable business. It will teach you how to build a website in any niche that you’re passionate about or very knowledgeable in, but more importantly, how to get your site ranked and traffic to your site which is the key to earning revenue.

They make no promises of making thousands of dollars overnight and repeatedly say that it is going to take work and time before you start earning anything for the first time. If you follow the training, work consistently, and ask for help when you need it or get stuck, you will be successful.

The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they now host websites there that come with perks and extras that would cost you more at traditional hosting sites such as godaddy.com. You’ll get an extra layer of security known as SSL (ever seen sites with the prefix https:// ?), plus additional site speed to make sure your visitors can access your site or that it comes up for them relatively quickly.

If you’re wondering what the community is like there, let me reassure you, that it is one of the greatest most helpful communities online. People want to see others succeed there and if you get stuck with something, a lot of them will do what they can to help you out. There’s definitely times I’ve gotten stuck on things, but have gotten through them or solved because of the help people were willing to provide there.

What also makes Wealthy Affiliate nice is that you have access to the owners of the site. They do not hide anywhere or make it impossible to contact them. They are helpful people and want to ensure that everyone who joins there ends up being successful. If you are having a major problem or issue there, they are more than happy to lend assistance. There have been a few occassions where I needed to contact the 2 owners of the site with a problem I was having and generally within a day or 2 I was able to get a response as well as a resolution to the problem I was facing at that time. 

There’s just so much more I could say about Wealthy Affiliate, but if you want to read or know more about it, click on the link below this to read my most recent review of Wealthy Affiliate. It has been around for over 10 years now and has no signs of slowing down, it just keeps getting better and better. Click the link below for the review!

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