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My name is Brian and I want to help you avoid credit and debit card scams that rob you of your hard earned money.

I also want to help you to save money and to make money online while avoiding these scams at the same time. I know there are a lot of people that are skeptical when they hear about making money online because there are just tons and tons of scams out there.

You should be skeptical because so many people out there want to take your hard earned money away from you. I certainly have been skeptical over the years and have stayed away from many scams, but I’ve also fallen for some too.

Even with all the scams online and even offline, there are true legitimate ways to earn an income online that you can live off of and continue to build up over the years.

Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’m making thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars online and living the dream everyone wishes they could. I certainly haven’t reached that point yet, but I’m working everyday to make it a reality someday and I am making some money each month now that will help me reach my goal.

Even if you are skeptical of what I to offer on this site to where you can learn to make an income online and instead prefer to work whatever job or career you have, that is perfectly fine. I still want to help you stay away from the things that rob you of the money you earn from your job.

I also want to help you save money as in putting money back into a savings account. I think it is very important that everyone do that because life brings up unexpected circumstances such as medical and health issues, car troubles, unexpected home repairs, etc.

I can definitely tell you that I’ve had numerous unexpected car troubles over the years that have cost me a lot and I didn’t always save money back like I should have, having to borrow from friends and even parents. It’s something I hate doing as I feel I should be able to take care of my own problems and not burden the people closest to me with my unexpected issues and having to try to pay them back.

So now you see what I’m about and why I want to help others avoid some of the experiences I’ve gone through, but to show you a true legitimate way to have an online business that does not involve scamming others.

Here’s a little bit more about myself. I’m 36 years old, I work as a Workforce Manager at a call center in Kansas, I’m single, and I have an online business that I work on as much as I possibly can whenever I’m off work.

I do enjoy traveling whenever I can and I love to go hiking as well as camping. Traveling to me is just the ultimate adventure because I like to see things I haven’t seen before or at least not very often and experience something different.

I really want to travel more in my life and so I’m doing the things now that will enable me to do so in the future.

Once again I am Brian and very happy to meet you. If you have to contact for anything, you can leave a comment below or you can contact me via Wealthy Affiliate (My profile link)


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