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Dangerous Apple ID Phishing Scams

I’m back with some more phishing email scams. Recently, I talked about some of the latest PayPal Phishing email scams going around out there and gave a couple of examples as well which you can read about here. I mentioned what to look for in those emails that give it away as being scams.

I’ve recently received more phishing email scams, but I haven’t received ones quite like these before and so I want to talk to you about a couple of dangerous Apple ID phishing scams that I received. These are a little difficult to determine if they are legitimate emails from Apple, but I will certainly go over what to look for and what will almost always give away an email being a phishing scam.


Sending Out Emails

The Latest Examples of Phishing Scams

It has been awhile since I’ve talked about phishing scams, mainly the ones you receive in your email’s inbox. Believe it or not, I hadn’t received any for quite awhile. That all changed a few days ago when I was on a small vacation and happened to check my email and so I wanted to go over the latest examples of phishing scams.

I noticed that I had what appeared to be official emails from a certain company that deals with the exchange of money. My mental red flag alert though started engaging when I read the titles of those particular emails. I will go over those emails, what to look for, how to avoid them, and then how to report them.


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