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PayPal Email Scam - Another One

Netflix Phishing Email. What to Look For And How To Avoid It

There are just so many scams and vulnerabilities out there that it’s almost tempting to just stay off the internet completely. You hear of so many stories of people falling victim to phishing emails and other scams that it seems there’s no way to avoid being a victim yourself.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can avoid being a victim and I’m going to show you how and what to look for. I’m going to be looking specifically at a Netflix phishing email scam and show you how to tell that it’s not a legitimate email from Netflix and other clues and indicators to look for. Without further ado, let’s jump into what a typical Netflix phishing email looks like.


FEMA Scams on the rise because of Hurricane Matthew



Most people should know by now about how Hurricane Matthew sideswiped Florida as well as Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

There’s been lots of damage and flooding because of Matthew and unfortunately in the aftermath of storms like this, scammers come out of the wood works to try and take advantage of those affected. I hate being taken advantage of and it sickens me that in people’s time of need or most vulnerable, scammers will try to take whatever money they have left.

According to WLOS, North Carolina’s Attorney General is warning those in his state to be on the lookout for home repair fraud, price gouging, and fake FEMA and power crews that will be going around trying to rip people off.


Recent Credit Card Scams





I want to take a look at some recent credit card scams that are going around these days and the best ways to avoid them. First off though, I actually want to talk about some good news.

According to the The Nation, there were over 6 people arrested in Thailand that were responsible for credit card scams, fake credit cards, skimming devices and notebook computers. I’m always glad to hear of things like this as that means there are a few less fraudsters out there ripping people off.

There are still though many scams going on out there and here are some more going around. If you are in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area, be warned of this scam that’s happening.


Current Credit Card Scams



I want to talk about some of the latest credit card scams that are going around out there so that you can avoid them. It really does sadden me that people will do anything to take advantage of others to get money they didn’t earn. If they can put that much effort into scamming, why can’t they get a regular job like most law abiding citizens? Anyway, let’s take a closer look at some of the credit card scams circulating around.

iTunes Emails that are Fake

For those of you who live in Florida (or really anywhere since it deals with emails), be warned of this latest scam going around.

According to Fox 4 News (in Florida), scammers are sending out what appears to be convincing receipts from iTunes through email. They show charges that are fake and whatever links are on it, when you click on them they do not take you to any website that has to do with Apple according to the article.

Stay clear of it or delete this email immediately if you receive it. One way to check to see of whether an email is legitimate or not is to check where it was sent from usually at the top of the email (not in the body of the main email). If it says something that says, .org or even something that doesn’t appear to be related to Apple, it is a phishing email (scam) and you should delete it immediately or even forward it to Apple itself to their fraud department.


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