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PayPal Phishing Emails are Getting More Sophisticated

I’m back with another look at phishing emails. I want to take a look at how PayPal phishing emails are getting more sophisticated and that may be true for phishing emails in general. This is in regard to a particular phishing email I received not too long ago.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding phishing emails, such as the one regarding an Apple phishing email, you’ll have read some of the specifics of how to spot it being a fake email and not become a victim of these type of scams. I will also talk about those again here because I want everyone to have the information needed to not fall victim to one of these types of emails.



Can you make hundreds with Superpay.me? My Review


Name: Superpay.me
Website: http://www.superpay.me/

Price: Free
Owners: Prodege
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100

Superpay.me, Product Overview

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Superpay.me, it is a free site that you can join to make a little bit of extra money a few different ways. There are surveys, offers, videos, contests, and more that you can do to make money. I’m going to be taking a look at all of it and determine if this is really a great way to make some money.


Fear of Failing

Why Is Taking Action So Hard? My Perspective

Everyone dreams of something they wish were reality. A lot of us dream of extra money to where we can not worry about living paycheck to paycheck and how the bills are going to get paid. We tend to dream of winning the lottery so that we can take those vacations we’ve dreamed about and never have to request it off from a job.

Others might dream of meeting that special someone so that they can spend time with someone doing the things that they enjoy the most. If you’re married and have children, you might dream of having the means to pay for your children’s education.

Whatever it may be, we all dream about something that we want so badly in our lives. I’m definitely one of those. My biggest passion is traveling and antiquing. I love visiting places and seeing things I’ve never seen or experienced before. Heck even going back to places I’ve been to before is always a thrill for me.


Consistent Work

Why Consistency Is Important (Staying on Track)

You might be wondering why I’m writing about consistency. What does it have to do with making money online? Well it really has a lot to do with an online business and if you don’t have consistency, you’re not going to make it in the online world or it will take you longer than it should.

I’m going to be talking about what it takes to start an online business of your dreams and how you can stay consistent at it, meaning plugging away until you reach the goals or success you’ve set out for yourself. It is very important to do these things so let’s take a closer look at why consistency is important.


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