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What is About and Will It Make You Money?

Squishy Cash

Name: Squishy Cash

Price: Free
Owners: SLB Marketing
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Squishy Cash, Product Overview

It’s time for another review of a free money making site. So what is about and will it make you money? The short answer to that is yes, but as for a long term solution of making money such as a full time income, well, I would not say that this site will allow you to make that happen.


Can you make hundreds with My Review


Price: Free
Owners: Prodege
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100, Product Overview

For anyone who hasn’t heard of, it is a free site that you can join to make a little bit of extra money a few different ways. There are surveys, offers, videos, contests, and more that you can do to make money. I’m going to be taking a look at all of it and determine if this is really a great way to make some money.


What is Wealthy Affiliate For? My Personal Review

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate home page
Overall Ranking: 95/100
Price: Free for Starting Membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson



New Update!

Wealthy Affiliate has added a new membership level. This new level is called Premium Plus and is the highest membership level at Wealthy Affiliate. This was added at the end of last year. 

Premium Plus are for those who have done the training and seeing a good measure of success inside Wealthy Affiliate and want to scale up their business even further. They get access to more website features, classes and videos and the highest membership level at Jaay known as Jaaxy Enterprise. The price for premium price is $99 a month. 

I will talk more about this new membership feature very soon so stay tuned!

Major Update!

The price for the yearly membership has increased from $359 to $459. The monthly membership price still remains the same at $49.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? It’s a site that has been created to teach people how to build a viable online business through affiliate marketing or even creating your own products to promote. Now you might be asking yourself, “Hey, wait just a minute! MANY supposed sites and scams say the samething about wanting to teach people how to build an online business! What makes this so different and how is this not a scam?!”


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