Why Consistency Is Important (Staying on Track)

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You might be wondering why I’m writing about consistency. What does it have to do with making money online? Well it really has a lot to do with an online business and if you don’t have consistency, you’re not going to make it in the online world or it will take you longer than it should.

I’m going to be talking about what it takes to start an online business of your dreams and how you can stay consistent at it, meaning plugging away until you reach the goals or success you’ve set out for yourself. It is very important to do these things so let’s take a closer look at why consistency is important.

A Dream

I’m sure you’ve dreamed at one time or another of being your own boss and being financially free as well as free from a typical 9-5 job where you can do things you’ve always desired to do such as maybe spend more time with your family, take that vacation you’ve always wanted, or buying that special car.

To a lot of people out there, they are just pipe dreams meaning dreams that they have, but believe there’s no way those things will ever happen. To other people though, they want to see those dreams become reality and so they might start researching online on ways to help make that happen.

Now the online world is unfortunately full of scams. There are so many of them out there that promise to make you so much money in very little time and with very little work. You’ll want to steer far away from them as they are more than likely scams. In reality, it is going to take some hard work and time, failures and learning from those failures and mistakes and always moving forward. Only than will you be successful.

Always remember why you started in the first place. Make sure you keep that dream so that it helps keep you on track. My dream is to eventually be debt free and to do the kind of traveling that I’ve always wanted to do. There’s so much of the United States I have yet to see and than I’d like to travel to other countries in the future.

Whatever your dream is, hold on to it and take action to make it a reality. Don’t ever let anyone say that you can’t reach that dream because you can. If Michael Jordan listened to his basketball coach when he cut him from the basketball team his sophomore year in high school, we might never have seen what he had done in the NBA. No, instead it pushed him so hard to be successful that he is now arguably the greatest player to have ever played basketball. He didn’t let a setback stop him, it just fueled him instead and that’s what we need to do with whatever situation comes up in our lives.


Now that you have the dream and want to make it a reality, once you find a way to make that happen, the key is to stay motivated in the long run in order for what you want in life to actually happen. That can sometimes be a very difficult process as things do come up in our lives that take our focus away from what should be a main priority or we just let ourselves get distracted by other things.

Trust me, I’m very guilty of this. I’m still in that 9-5 day job world and I also do a side hustle for a little extra money where I deliver food. When I get home from doing both of those things, pretty much my entire day is spent and I just want to relax for an hour or two and than go to bed. Yet at the back of my mind, I can’t help but feel that if I want to get away from this scenario that I’m currently in, I have to put in the time with my online websites and order to make my dream become a reality.

Time Management

Putting things off until another day just prolongs the reaching of my goals. Even though it’s hard, I force myself to work on my online businesses even if it’s just for an hour or two so I can continuously move ahead. Sometimes I have to remind myself of why I’m doing this in the first place.

There are times that you’re just going to have to dig deep to find that motivation. I sometimes have to think back a few years ago when I found this amazing opportunity. I was ecstatic, I was happy, it felt like I finally found something that I can do and eventually make it into a thriving online business. My mind was running wild with ideas and how this would change my life and make it better. I held onto that for a while, but after a time, that all starts to fizzle. Doubt starts to creep in, and than you might wonder if this is even worth your time.

This is where you have to dig in and remember why you’re doing this in the first place. I will give you some tips in the next part in order to keep your motivation up and stay on track of working on your online business. It will definitely help you in the long run and you’ll be very glad you did this.

Write Down Your Goals and Daily Activities

You’ll want to get a journal or even a notepad to write down why you wanted to do this in the first place. What were your motivations to start this venture? Were you very passionate about it when you started? What are you hoping to get out of this? Have you explored all avenues to ensure you can reach success? It’s also important to write down daily goals.

An example of this could be that on Monday, you’ll do some research in your niche to find the latest trends or biggest new products. Tuesday, could be going through training to make sure you are on the right track with your business and that you understand the topics to make your business successful.

On Wednesday you might start writing down ideas and topics centered around keywords for new posts to be added onto your website. Thursday might me a day where you start writing your drafts of new content and maybe do some more research. You can add whatever else you feel is needed to stay on task for Friday and the weekend, but make sure you at least get a day of rest in there as it is nice to take a break once in a while from everything so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Writing down your ideas

A journal is also a good place to write down any content ideas that might pop into your head so that way you can research them later after you jot them down. Make sure to go back into your journal everyday to check your daily activities as well as any ideas you might’ve written down. This will help keep you in a consistent pattern.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with things especially if you want to get your online business into a successful position. You might be thinking of a million different things a minute as well as the things going on in your daily life, but you want to try to focus on one thing at a time. It’s been said that multi-tasking is great, but if you focus on too many things at once, you risk being stretched too thin and than the quality of your work will suffer.

The owner of Wealthy Affiliate said it best in that focusing on one website and one niche is the best possible thing to do to ensure you reach success. Sure, you can create multiple websites in other niches, but you want to make sure you focus your full attention on one first so that you can make it successful and than you can start looking at other niches. There are some other things you’ll want to do though to ensure your first website remains successful as you turn your attention to another niche, but I will talk about that another time.

You’ll also want to do what you can to keep distractions away while you focus on your website. If that means turning your phone off for a certain period of time, you just might have to do that. It is SO incredibly easy to get distracted these days and a good rule of thumb, especially when working on your website via a desktop or laptop computer is to minimize extra tabs in your web browser that way you remain focused on what you’re working on because it’s very tempting and easy to quickly switch between tabs and start browsing the web for things that will take you away from content creation or whatever it is you were working on for your online business.

You’re Your Own Boss, Hold Yourself Accountable

In the end, you have to remember that you are working for yourself and the only one to hold you accountable is yourself. A good thing to remember is your usual day job. If you get distracted by other things and don’t focus on the work you were hired to do, how happy do you think your boss will be with that?

You have to put in the same work ethic in your home based business as you would a regular job the only difference is the way you get paid. At a 9-5 job you are trading your time for money so you’ll generally work an 8-hour shift for an hourly wage. Now with your online business (mainly Affiliate Marketing), you are putting in the time, but you won’t get paid immediately. What you are doing is creating work that will get you paid later on down the line, but the beauty of it is that it’s totally scalable and you can earn more in the long run than you typically can in a day job.

If done right, you can earn money while you’re sleeping! That is what is known as passive income and I’ll talk more about that in a future update. The only way though to make that happen is by what I talked about above, putting in consistent action. Again, you want to put out helpful quality content to your audience so that they can benefit from it and start trusting you. Consistent work will make that happen and by doing all what I described above, will keep you on the track to success.

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