Beware of The Latest Bank Scams

There are so many scams going around in our world today and it almost makes you not want to do anything, but we know that just isn’t an option. It can be hard sometimes to tell what is really legitimate and what isn’t. That’s why I want people to be aware of the latest bank scams that are going around out there.

This is very important because there are scammers out there sending texts and emails claiming to be from people’s institutions trying to make them think that something serious has happened to their account or that it has been frozen and that they need to give out certain information in order to verify that it’s them and to reactivate the account. I will talk about the truth of how these scams are trying to get your valuable banking account information and how banks will never ask for that if they are truly contacting you. Plus I’ll share some information about how some people in a particular state in the US, were receiving these type of scams.



How To Sell Toys Online

It’s time for another article in my series where I look at different niches online to show you how they can be a profitable online business. Last time, I took a look at desktop computers and how to sell them online. I talked about a lot of different ways on how to see if that niche could be profitable and what kind of questions people are asking and needing problems solved in that particular niche.

This time, I’m going to take a look at how to sell toys online and see if that can be a profitable niche to get into, especially if you have a passionate for the toy niche. I’ll be looking at a lot of the same things as I did the desktop computers niche, because these particular methods do work for any niche.


Car Garage

Beware Of Online Car Buying Scams

I have not really talked about this, but it’s something I feel is very important. People need to be aware of online car buying scams because they are really starting to become more common. I’m looking for another car myself and I do see a lot of ads online of different vehicles with really good prices, some in fact that seem too good to be true.

I recently came across an article on one of my local news station’s website that had an article about how the Better Business Bureau is warning people about purchasing cars online and how a lot of scammers from overseas are producing a lot of these particular scams.


Survey Voices

My Survey Voices Review: Is It A Money Maker?

Survey Voices

Name: Survey Voices


Price: Free
Owners: N/A
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Survey Voices Overview

It has been awhile since I’ve done a review of a survey site. The last one I did was about Survey Sheep and you can read my review of it by clicking here. I will tell you that Survey Voices is very similar to Survey Sheep in that rather than have their own surveys for you to take, they instead have a general list of survey sites for you to join so you can earn some money.


Cyber crime

Why Is My PayPal Account Suspended Again?!

It seems like it keeps happening over and over. I keep getting emails about my PayPal account getting suspended. Why oh why is my PayPal account suspended again?! The email says that suspicious activity on my account has caused PayPal to temporarily restrict the account. The suspicious activity they found has to do with credit cards linked to my acc…….wait a minute.

I don’t have credit cards linked to PayPal. What’s really going on here? Could this actually be a phishing email instead? If you believe that it is a phishing email I received and panicked over, you would be completely correct! It’s time to take another look at yet another PayPal phishing email that I received in my inbox. You can read about some others I’ve gotten in the past.


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