How To Sell Candles Online

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It has been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but I thought it would be a great time to see what can be sold online or build a thriving business from. I’ve covered other niches in the past such as how to sell video game consoles online to how to sell jewelry online. Well today I want to take a look at how to sell candles online and how anyone can profit from it.

I will be talking about the candles niche in general, how to help people in that niche, creating an online business for candles, where to learn how you can create an online business and how you can get started today. To some, it may seem far-fetched of creating an online business in a certain niche, especially the candle niche, but I’m here to tell you that it can certainly be done, if you apply yourself and are willing to learn and be patient.

The Candles Niche

Lets say you’re in the candle niche because you love candles and know who makes the best ones, which has the best scents, where to get the best candles for great prices etc. You might want to share that with people and so there are certain things you’re going to want to take a look at.

Now I don’t have a lot of knowledge in the candle niche, but I definitely have some candles at my home because I know they make the house smell good when the candle has been lighted. Even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in the candle niche, you can certainly do research and learn all about it if it’s something you’re interested in.

I know one of the more well-known brand of candles is Yankee Candle, in fact, I used to sell them back when I worked retail at a Hallmark store in a mall in my area. There used to be special deals with them if you bought a certain amount of product and I can say that they definitely sold very well and this was back in 2006 to 2008. They do have a lot of really good scents that smell just like the real thing such as snicker doodle, homemade apple pie, Christmas scents, other fruit scents, and many more.

Even if you think that Yankee Candle might be a bit pricey, there are definitely other alternatives at places such as Wal Mart or even your dollar stores such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General. I know I’ve bought some candles from there in the past and they certainly have some nice fragrances as well that can certainly make my house smell much better. Now, if you want to be successful in the candles niche, you need to see what kind of problems or issues people are having in the candle niche and it certainly may sound strange as you might ask yourself “Well what kind of problems would people have with candles?! You just choose the scent you will probably like and just light the candle! How hard can that be?!”.

How to Help People In The Candle Niche

There are different ways to find what kind of questions or issues people are having in any niche and that includes the candles niche. One such place to find out what questions people are asking is a website called Answer The Public. You typically get one free search a day unless you register or create an account at the site and then you get up to 3 free searches.

You just type in any niche you can think of in the search bar and hit enter and you’ll get a series of questions laid out for you in a circular fashion. Since we are talking about the candles niche, here are questions that people are asking about them online: Can candles get moldy? Can candles explode? What candles last the longest? How do candles start fires? Which candles are safe for your health? As you can see, these are just some examples of questions that people are asking online when it comes to candles.

Now if you can provide answers to those questions, you’ve got yourself a trusting audience that will trust you with whatever candles that you recommend. The thing to remember is that you are helping people and so solving these problems people are having is your number one goal.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is just one way to search for questions regarding the candles niche. Another place you can check out is Google as it is a wonderful place to see what people are searching for and you’ll be able to come up with numerous topics in any specific niche that you can post on a website and I’ll talk more about that later.

When you type in candles in the search bar of Google, a lot of times Google will show you a drop down list of popular candle topics people are searching for. Did you know you can refine that, by using what’s called the Alpahbet Soup Technique? What that is, is when you type in the main search topic and then put in a space and then type in the letter A, a new list comes up of candle topics that are related to the letter a. Some things that might come up are things like candles at Wal Mart, candles and cats, candle aesthetic and more.

You can refine that even further by putting in a space before the word candles and then put in a word like apples and what pops up in the drop down list are things like apple cinnamon candles, appleyard candles, apple barn candles, etc. What I find works the best though is putting a word before the word candles such as which, where, how, when as those will show questions people are asking about candles when searching in Google such as which candles are non-toxic or which candles last the longest. As you can see, it’s not hard at all to find what people are searching for regarding candles online. Now that you know how to do research on finding content for the candles niche, it’s time to put everything together in order to create an online business for candles and I’ll talk about that next.

Creating An Online Business for Candles

Now that you know how to research for any particular niche and you want to continue on with the candle niche, it’s time to put things together in order to create an online business that can always be scalable. Trust me, given enough time and continued persistence, you can create a full time income and then some.

What you’ll want to do is create a website dedicated to candles. You’ll want to register a domain name which does cost some money, but really not very much. We’re talking no more than $19.99 a year to a domain name for your website. If you’re concerned about having to spend money to create an online business such as this, let’s compare the costs of a brick and mortar business.

You’ll need a building to house your business which will costs you thousands. Next you’ll have to have physical inventory in the store which will cost you a lot more. We haven’t even begun talking about the payments for the utilities and then you’ll have to pay even more for advertising to get the word out that you’re open for business. We’re talking many thousands of dollars that you’ll have to spend for a brick and mortar business.

Registering Domains

An online business such as the candles niche we’re talking about would cost pennies compared to a brick and mortar business. Registering a domain is really not much money at all and there are free ways to advertise your business online if you don’t want to go the paid route (paid advertising does work as well, but you really need to know what you’re doing in order for it to work properly).

Once you get a domain name registered (the URL name or link to your website), you’ll need a place to host your site and then a website editor to begin building out your website. Some of the places online where you can register the domain name will also be a place to host your site and even have a website editor.

In order to make money from the candles niche, you’ll need to find an affiliate program that you can sign up for (most should be free to sign up to) and you can start earning money by putting special links in your website in which if people click on that special link and end up buying the product from that link, you’ll end up getting a commission from that sale. Now how much you get really depends on the affiliate program you sign up for. It can be as little as 2% or as high as 75% it just varies from affiliate program to affiliate program. You just need to find the one that will seem the best fit for you. You can find affiliate programs to sign up for on Google by typing in the search bar candles + affiliate program and a list of them should come up.

If this seems all daunting to you and you want someone to teach you how to get an online business of this sort up and running and thriving into the future, there is a place online that teaches you exactly how to do that, but more importantly, it teaches you how to get your website ranked on the first page of Google so that you can get free traffic to your website. I’ll talk about the very place that will teach you all of this online, next.

Where to Learn How To Create An Online Business

It’s time to learn how to create an affiliate marketing business in the candle niche or any niche that you’re passionate about. In my opinion, the best place to learn how to create a thriving online business is a place called Wealthy Affiliate. What’s wonderful about Wealthy Affiliate is that it has ALL the tools you’ll need in one spot in order to create an online business that you can be successful at.

You can register a domain name at Wealthy Affiliate which will also be the host site and it has one of the best website editors in the world known as WordPress. Wealthy Affiliate also has amazing training that will teach you step by step exactly what you need to do in order to get your website up and running and more importantly, ranked in the top spots of the search engines.

There are live weekly classes that you can attend, there’s a great community here that will help you with anything you need, and the training is updated as well. In fact, if you decided to join now, you’ll be joining at one of the best times in the history of Wealthy Affiliate because as you know, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is exploding online in usage and what people can do to enhance their productivity and businesses, and WA is about to launch a massive AI initiative and training that’s really going to enhance your ability to create a thriving online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Business

Now there are some different membership levels and the first is the free membership which includes a seven-day free trial in which you get full access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and then after that 7 day period, should you choose not to move to a higher membership level, you’ll have access to one free website that you can create as well as to a few of the early lessons.

The next two memberships are Premium and Premium Plus which give you access to a whole lot more at Wealthy Affiliate and Premium Plus gives you access to exclusive live trainings that you don’t get at any other membership level as well as first access to some of the new things that the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are trying out to make you as successful as possible for your online business.

Get Started Today

I encourage you to try out Wealthy Affiliate today because it is easily one of the best places online to build an affiliate marketing business in whatever niche or topic that you’re passionate about. It is always free to try out and you have 7 days to try out everything out on Wealthy Affiliate. You have no obligation to sign up for any other membership level after that, but if you really like what Wealthy Affiliate offers, I truly believe that you’re going to want to move forward so that you can soon change your financial outlook.

If you want to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can check out my full review of it by clicking here. Some of the tools that you’ll get to see that are available at WA are things such as a keyword tool which is essential on looking up the best keywords that you can create content around and cause you to get ranked easier and faster, a great writing tool that will help you develop content for your website a whole lot easier, you can now search for affiliate programs for your website at Wealthy Affiliate now instead of having to go to Google search for them, and so much more.

As I mentioned earlier, AI is really taking off and Wealthy Affiliate has HUGE plans for the use of AI coming this summer so now is an excellent time to get on board with Wealthy Affiliate. One of the greatest things about Wealthy Affiliate is that both co founders of the platform, which are Kyle and Carson, a lot of times make themselves available when they can to help out members there by answering any questions that people may have when building their online business.

One of the best things that they tell you about when you first start and go through the training is that this is in no way a get-rich-quick scheme. You’re going to have to put in the work and time to build out your business, but they give you so many tools to make you successful, you just have to have a willingness to learn and remain consistent and if you do that you will definitely be successful at Wealthy Affiliate.