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PayPal Phishing Emails are Getting More Sophisticated

I’m back with another look at phishing emails. I want to take a look at how PayPal phishing emails are getting more sophisticated and that may be true for phishing emails in general. This is in regard to a particular phishing email I received not too long ago.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts regarding phishing emails, such as the one regarding an Apple phishing email, you’ll have read some of the specifics of how to spot it being a fake email and not become a victim of these type of scams. I will also talk about those again here because I want everyone to have the information needed to not fall victim to one of these types of emails.


PayPal Email Scam - Another One

Another PayPal Email Scam

Phishing emails seem to be more prevalent these days and it seems lately that I’ve been getting more and more of them. I’ve talked about some of the ones I’ve received in the past especially those that are supposedly from Apple, Netflix, and Amazon, just to name a few.

Obviously they’re not real emails from those companies and I’ve talked about what to look out for in which it shows they are phishing emails trying to get your precious login information to the actual companies you have accounts with. I’ve even shown a PayPal phishing email that I’ve received in the past.



Amazon Phishing Email and How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

There are so many scams out there online especially just waiting for you in the inbox of your email. I’ve talked about the different kinds email phishing scams out there ranging from PayPal, to Apple, and even Netflix.

Well today, we’re going to be taking a look at another that involves a very popular online retail giant. I’m going to take a look at what makes it a phishing email such as the email address itself, to the body of the email, and any common spelling and grammatical mistakes that you see in these type of emails. The email is an Amazon phishing email and so without further ado, let’s take a closer look.


Phishing Scam

Apple ID Email Scam and How to Avoid Becoming A Victim

Welcome back folks and today I’m going to be talking about another type of email phishing scam. If you remember not too long ago, I talked about a Netflix phishing email scam that I received. Phishing emails are always dangerous as they can lead to malware and viruses being installed on your computer as well as the potential of having your identity stolen or even your bank account being accessed and funds being taken out of it.


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