The OLSP System Is Better Than Ever!

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It has been awhile since I’ve talked about OLSP, but it is time to talk about it again as the OLSP system has had some major changes that make it better than ever. I’ve already hinted at it if you’ve read some of my past articles such as my OLSP review as I posted a major update about it.

One thing I can say is that the training has been completely revamped. Gone is the Bootcamp where if you were brand new and completed the first Unit of it, you would get $20. Wayne Crowe, the creator of OLSP, has decided to do away with that. You might be asking why as it seems to be a good idea on his part to offer some free money just for completing a portion of the training. I will explain why he has decided to do away with that and why this revamped training will work so much better in getting people to earn commissions. Now It’s time to talk about the new OLSP Academy.

The Brand New OLSP Academy

Before I get into what this new OLSP Academy consists of, I want to talk about why the old Bootcamp is now gone and with it, the free $20 you’d get for completing the first Unit. Wayne Crowe saw that while there were a lot of sign ups to OLSP, a lot of people were more interested in receiving the $20 rather than completing and going through the entire training after the Bootcamp and seemed to have very little interest in learning how to create a thriving online business where you can earn much more than just the $20.

Wayne Crowe wants people who are serious about creating a thriving and long term online business and so that’s why he completely revamped the training and released the brand new OLSP Academy. In fact, the entire website of OLSP has been revamped and much improved. It has a much more clean look to it and is just a little bit easier to navigate in my opinion.

The biggest thing though is the completely revamped training which is all brand new and much easier to follow and take action. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t fully completed all the training that they offered previously as there was much more to it and some of the later training units had older videos that you could only access through Facebook and some of those training videos were quite long such as an hour or more. I’m not saying they were bad, but sometimes it was just a little harder to stay engaged with them and pay attention.

That has now completely changed and the new OLSP Academy consists of 5 total Training Units. Each of the units will have a certain amount of lessons, some Units will have more lessons than others, but the number of lessons in a Unit never exceeds 9 lessons so it makes it a lot easier to go through. Once you complete most of the Units (1-4), you’ll receive a digital certificate with your name on it congratulating you for completing the training. There is still a Unit 5 but it is really short with just two 2 lessons and 2 very short videos, but it is designed to let you know that there are ways to automate things if you’re ready to take it to that level.

I will go over what each training unit will generally consist of and why it’s important to take action after going through the lessons in the units. Folks, I can’t stress this enough. If you want to succeed in anything in life, especially online, you have to take consistent action. I know it’s easier said then done as I still struggle with it quite a bit today, but I know that results do happen when I buckle down and take consistent action. I haven’t always been consistent with OLSP and so I know I’ve left money on the table, so to speak, but I can tell you that when I did take action, money did come in. I’ve made nearly $700 since I’ve been a member of OLSP (for nearly a year and a half). Well without further ado, lets get a little bit of a closer look at what the training units in the new OLSP Academy, consist of.

Unit 1

When you first try out the new OLSP Academy, you’ll notice that Unit 1 consists of a total of 3 lessons. They are a total of 3 videos and they consist of Wayne Crowe basically welcoming you to OLSP Academy and what to expect with the training as well as within OLSP itself.

In the first video he tells a little bit about himself and how he felt when he made his first commission. He encourages you to join the Facebook group so that you can see that other members are also making commissions from OLSP and is also a great place to go to in order to get help. I will tell you that it is a great feeling when Wayne Crowe posts the names of the members who have made the most recent commissions and seeing your name on there. This is a great motivator to keep on going and not giving up.

Unit of OLSP Academy

The great thing about the video lessons is that a lot of them will have links under the video so that you can go directly where you need to go when that specific video wants you to take a certain type of action. It could be as simple as signing up for a Facebook Group or setting up funnels that lead to sales. Whatever the lesson teaches you, you’ll want to take the action it specifies so that you can be well on your way to setting up your business within OLSP.

The second video is about Wayne Crowe telling you about how OLSP works to get people commissions and that is through Affiliate Marketing (this method really works). I do want to mention something here. He talks about the so called old way of making money through Affiliate Marketing like using SEO and setting up a website and how tedious and hard that can be vs his new way of making money through Affiliate Marketing with OLSP. I will admit that making commissions through OLSP does work a bit faster than what he calls the old way, but that in no way means the old way no longer works. If you have the right training and tools, the so called old method still works and it’s not as hard as he makes it sound though it does take just a little bit more time.

I will tell you this. You can use both methods in tandem with each other to create a successful online business and think of it this way. Having your own website and using SEO is just another way you can promote your OLSP business which opens up another revenue stream. You want to get as many traffic sources as you can, especially organic traffic if you don’t want to use the paid traffic route. I like that OLSP offers both methods for traffic so that way you have choices of how to get traffic to your online business.

Now it’s time to talk about the 3rd and final lesson in Unit 1. Wayne talks about the new way of making money with Affiliate Marketing. His new way of making money through Affiliate Marketing doesn’t involve creating a website or using SEO for it though I do know those methods still work. I know that not everyone wants to work on creating or maintaining a website and that’s fine and I understand why Wayne Crowe does not go that route in Affiliate Marketing.

Wayne introduces you to what is called the Mega Link and how this will be the main link that you’ll want to promote as it is your main affiliate link to OLSP. The nice thing about the Mega Link is that once people sign up to OLSP through your link, they are tied to you forever and OLSP will automatically send emails to that person encouraging them to go through the training as well as other offers within OLSP. If they upgrade or purchase products within OLSP, say months later for example, you will get a commission for it. It is a good video to go through. That completes all the lessons in Unit 1 and now it’s time to take a look at Unit 2.

Unit 2

This unit has a lot more lessons in it and talks more about the inside of OLSP such as how to earn commissions, how best to use and promote your Mega Link, the point system that OLSP offers once you’re a member, the Dashboard and Leaderboard, how to get the help that you need, your leads, settings and other tools, and finally what’s called OLSP Dominators.

I have been a member of OLSP for awhile now so I’m familiar with most of what is taught in Unit 2. I like that the lesson 1 video talks about how you can earn commissions within OLSP and how to set up the payment methods needed so that you can get paid whenever you begin earning commissions. This lesson is very important because there are two methods you can set up in order to get your money which is either through WISE or PayPal.

Unit 2 of OLSP Academy

Another lesson inside Unit 2 talks about the leads that you’ll eventually receive when they sign up under you. It shows you where to go to see your leads and how you can contact them so that you can help them out with what to do next now that they are members of OLSP. This is very important because you want to help people become successful inside OLSP just as you want to become successful yourself. You’ll become they’re mentor and so hopefully they will reach out to you if they need any help.

The last lesson in Unit 2 is called OLSP Dominators and this, in my opinion, is one of the biggest lessons in all the training units. If you decide to move forward with what is being taught in this lesson (though by no means do you have to, you can join at any point), I believe you’ll really fast track yourself into becoming successful within in OLSP. OLSP Dominators is a subscription service that is offered where you will get guaranteed traffic sent to you every month thus greatly increasing the chances of earning commissions.

Now it does cost $99 a month (If you’re brand new, the first month will be $47), but OLSP Dominator’s itself has gone through a bit of a revamp itself that no only offers you guaranteed traffic each month (which is what you’ll need in order to grow your business), but now they offer exclusive training, new methods of additional traffic sources, and best of all, INCREASED commissions. This is extremely important because during these lessons, Wayne will tell you that if any of your leads upgrade to OLSP Dominators and you don’t, you will not be getting any OLSP Dominator commissions. If you do join Dominators and anyone upgrades to it, you’ll receive a recurring $33 per month so if you think about, if 3 of your leads upgrade to Dominators, that will pay for itself for you every month and everything after that is pure commission/profit.

OLSP Dominators has been around for awhile and the traffic that they sent to you in the past has been mixed because a lot of it didn’t take action. I’ve had maybe a handful do anything and it usually wasn’t until quite a bit of time has passed, but one thing Wayne says to do in later training is now that they are a part of your email list, you’ll want to email them twice a day and that will help with them eventually taking action. Now that OLSP Dominators has undergone a revamp with better traffic and additional, exclusive training, I feel that it really is well worth the money now. Let’s go ahead and take a look at Units 3 and 4.

Units 3 & 4

Unit 3 is a big one and probably the most important one if you don’t want to join OLSP Dominators at this time. As I’ve mentioned before and as Wayne will have mentioned as well, you’re going to need to have traffic in order to be successful with OLSP. There are two methods of getting traffic and that is either a paid method or free, organic traffic. Unit 3 teaches you how to get free traffic to your business and that is through Facebook.

Wayne has someone else step in during the Lessons in Unit 3 to get you set up in receiving traffic through Facebook and it’s much easier than you think. It does require you setting your Facebook profile to public in order to start getting organic traffic. Don’t worry though, they teach you how best to set up your Facebook profile so that people who are interested in what you have to offer with OLSP can easily sign up for OLSP under you.

Unit 3 of OLSP Academy

One thing that happens quite often inside OLSP are weekly live seminars or trainings and they teach you how to promote them on Facebook so that you can actually earn commissions from people attending these live seminars. Now here’s a very awesome and cool thing that OLSP offers in regard to Facebook that makes it the absolute EASIEST way ever to earn commissions (though they aren’t a lot). They have a system inside OLSP called Comment Domination where you will get paid to post a comment to a person’s Facebook post. Yes you heard that right, you will get paid to make comments in Facebook.

What’s the catch? It’s only for members within OLSP and the posts are OLSP related, but this is to help each other gain interest in a person’s Facebook post so that others who aren’t part of it, will get interested and see what it’s all about. You’ll get paid 25 cents per post that you make. Going a little bit further, it does cost a one time fee of $99 in order to be able to do that, but now there’s a new way around that. Wayne will let you access Comment Domination for free if you sign up for OLSP Dominators. That was not something that was done before and is now part of the new OLSP Dominators revamp so I would highly encourage you to take advantage of that.

It’s time to talk about Unit 4. This unit teaches you how to set up other aspects of your OLSP business, in particular, setting up an email list through different methods. You’ll learn how to set up squeeze pages as well as funnels and set up an email autoresponder that will allow you to send emails to people who join under you through the squeeze pages and funnels. Wayne uses a specific auto responder, which is completely different from what he used to use, and you’ll get a special discount for signing up to this auto responder. I think it’s well worth it because the size you can get your email lists to are MUCH larger than what some other auto responders offer for the price. I would definitely take advantage of it.

Once you complete Unit 4, you’ll get access to a special certificate with your name on it congratulating you on completing the training. You can always download it at anytime. It may seem kind of odd that you’ll receive a certificate of completion even though there’s one more unit left. Don’t worry though, I’ll go over Unit 5 next and it is the shortest of all the Units.

Unit 5

Unit 5 consists of two short videos and it is Wayne (with the exception of the second video) explaining that there will probably come a time when you’ll want to learn how to automate things so that you can devote more time to other things. This is where he’ll mention VIP membership, outsourcing your work and even using software in order to automate things. I honestly think you should start doing this once you get established, see how things work, and more importantly, start earning commissions consistently.

The second video talks about a particular piece of software that works very well with Facebook and a member of OLSP has been so successful with it that he has made some of the highest commissions ever with OLSP. This member talks a little bit about what the software does and how he has to spend no more than 20 minutes each day to use it and consistently brings him results. Once you understand how that software works and get it set up properly, you’ll be amazed at what it does and how much it helps you automate things especially when it comes to getting traffic.

Give the new OLSP Academy a Try!

Now that the OLSP System has been revamped with brand new training, you should definitely go through the new OLSP Academy. It is a lot easier to follow as well as understanding how to action from what is being taught. I’ve gone completely through it and I like it so much better than the training before it and that even includes the former Bootcamp where you received $20 for completing the first main Unit of it.

As I mentioned in the beginning, that may turn some people away because the free $20 is no longer offered, but as I said before, you shouldn’t just focus on that $20 when you can make so much more from what is taught and taking consistent action. I haven’t always been consistent, but when I’ve put some focus in and did take action, I did receive results.

OLSP Dominators Training

If you ever get stuck, you can ask for help inside the Facebook Group or reach out to your mentor for help. I think once you go through the training and see how easy it is to follow what it teaches, you’ll want to keep coming back and taking action and soon you’ll start to see results. I always stress this because so many people out there think that there is just some magical system where you just do a couple of clicks and money will suddenly start pouring into your bank account without hardly doing any kind of work.

I’m sorry to say, but that’s not how it works. A lot of people tend to see the results of successful online business owners and think they hardly did anything to see the results they are experiencing, but you don’t realize the hard work that they had to do in order to reach the success they are currently having and it may have taken them awhile in order to reach those results. They key to it all is that they didn’t give up and kept pushing ahead even when they may have encountered roadblocks or other things that could’ve hindered them. No matter what they came up against, they kept pushing through it and finally got the results they’ve wanted. Anyone can do this with the right motivation and determination and OLSP will help you reach the goals you want if you want to create a successful online business.

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