The Revamped OLSP Dominators

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I’ve recently talked about some major changes that have happened at OLSP, in particular, the revamped training that is now called OLSP Academy. The training is so much better than what was there before and much more streamlined. You can read all about the brand new OLSP Academy by clicking here.

The good news about the revamped training is that it is still completely free to sign up for and go through all of it so you are under no obligation to purchase anything or sign up for any kind of subscription. However, if you really like what is taught and want to take action and are even willing to invest some money into the online business they teach you to create, you can definitely take things to the next level.

OLSP Dominators is that next level and it has undergone a major revamp as well with all new exclusive training as well as new ways to get more commissions than what you could before the revamp. In my opinion, OLSP Dominators is more than worth it because of what is now offered other than just giving you traffic each month (which is a must for your online business). For those of you who don’t know what OLSP Dominators is, you can read a previous article of mine that talks all about it. Let’s now take a look at what the revamped OLSP Dominators has to offer.

New Perks of Being a Member of OLSP Dominators

OLSP Dominators is still subscription based and does cost $99 a month. You still get traffic, but it is of higher quality and you still get commissions if someone under you signs up for OLSP Dominators. You get $33 a month for those who decide to upgrade from your team. Now here’s where it gets a little bit better than before.

Before the revamp happened, you would only get OLSP Dominator commissions from those who sign up under you. Let’s say that of the traffic you receive, some of that traffic takes action and signs up for OLSP for free and goes through the training, but they don’t upgrade to Dominators and any traffic that they bring in, decides to upgrade to Dominators. Now the person under you wouldn’t get any commissions because they didn’t upgrade to Dominators and the traffic under them that did would just stay within the system. That is now changed because if their traffic upgrades to Dominators before they do, you will now get the commissions for that and that goes for any traffic under them and so on.

OLSP Dominators Commissions

That, in my opinion makes it a lot easier to earn commissions inside OLSP Dominators than before and is added incentive to stick with the subscription. Of course there are other ways to get commissions besides your traffic signing up for Dominators and the great thing about Dominators is that you’ll earn even more commissions from these other sources than you would from being a free member of OLSP and we’ll go over those next.

More Ways to Earn Even More Commission

When you go through the new OLSP Dominators training, Wayne will break down how much more in commissions you can earn from being a Dominator. Some of the things you’ll earn more commissions from are live webinars that you can promote, which for a Dominator means you’ll get Tier 2 commissions vs Tier 3 commissions as a free member.

There’s what’s called OSLP Accelerator which is designed to fast track you to making commissions. It’s like a 30-day plan of action where you take action every single day of what they tell you to do so that you can earn commissions. A free member earns 10% of those commissions if someone under them signs up for that while a Dominator will earn 20%. It’s does cost money to join the OLSP Accelerator program, but if you are super serious about seeing success and seeing it rather quickly by taking serious action, this just might be something for you.

Moving along, the next thing that is show cased is what’s called TD Pages. This is an essential program that will allow you to grow your business by setting up powerful squeeze pages that will allow those interested to sign up to OLSP or whatever other offer inside OLSP you might want to promote. This is a subscription based program as well, but you get a free 14-day trial, but if you don’t want to go with a subscription after the 14-day trial, you can remain a limited free member. If your leads decide they want to fully subscribe to TD Pages, as a Dominator, you’ll get 20% recurring commissions vs 10% being a free member.

Next up, we have what’s called the Mega Funnel, and this thing is amazing, but you will actually need to have TD Pages in order for the Mega Funnel to work. Let’s just say that this is something you want to set up to send traffic to if you buy Solo Ads because this can make you quick commissions which is really cool. As a free member, you get 20% of Mega Funnel commissions, but as a Dominator you get a staggering 50%! I’ve made a few commissions from the Mega Funnel and it’s really cool when it’s all set up and people go through it and are interested at what is offered and immediately buy what is in the Mega Funnel. You’ll go through training on exactly what it is and how to set up when you become a member of OLSP.

My Commissions

What comes up after the Mega Funnel is what’s called VIP Lifetime membership. This is a BIG one!! In your journey of trying to find something that will make you money online, you may have come across some make money programs that say you can earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing by selling what’s called high ticket items. Let me give you an example of what that means. Let’s say you have a monetary goal of earning $3,000 a month and most of the products you’re selling can earn you anywhere from $10 to $20 in commissions. With those type of commissions you definitely have to make quite a bit of sales to reach that monthly goal. With high ticket items, where you can earn hundreds or thousands in commissions, it’ll only take 2 to 3 or maybe no more than 5 sales to reach your monthly goal of $3,000.

VIP membership is a high ticket item within OLSP and as a free member you can earn $300 if one of your leads decides to do a lifetime membership of VIP. An OLSP Dominator can earn $1,200 in commissions if their leads upgrade to a lifetime membership within VIP. Think about how much you’ll earn if 3 of your leads joins VIP in one month. That should be cause for excitement and motivation right there alone.

If you’re wondering what a VIP membership inside OLSP is, there’s a video inside the training in both the OLSP Academy and Dominator training that explains it, but basically it is the highest membership within OLSP. If you join Dominators, you’ll have 2 coaching calls where they will explain what VIP Membership is and if it’s a right fit for you. Now I will tell you that VIP Membership is NOT cheap and will cost quite a bit of money, but what you get from it is absolutely amazing and personalized coaching that will come from Wayne Crowe and his team themselves and they guarantee major commissions as long as you follow exactly what they teach you in these personalized coachings and teachings. VIP is something I would not recommend until you have a great understanding of what is taught in OLSP as well as Dominators and are seeing success with it and want to take things even further.

You can do a one-year VIP membership if you don’t want to go the lifetime route and commissions you can earn from it as a Dominator is $600. You’ve basically got 2 ways you can earn commissions from VIP if your leads decided to go that route and they are hefty amounts as you can see.

I’ve already gone over how much you can earn from your leads if they join OLSP Dominators or their leads join Dominators before they do so I don’t need to go over that again. Now there are other products inside OLSP in the section under TD Products that OLSP has offered for awhile and they are proven to work. I have a few of them and I like what they teach you. Anyone of your members who buys one of these products will cause you to earn 50% commission which is really good.

After that there is what’s called Tier 2 commissions and Wayne will go over what those are, but suffice it to say, as a Dominators member, you’ll earn commissions from Tier 2 and Wayne mentions that it will sometimes come as a surprise to you because once in awhile they’ll be able to share other commissions that come in with members of Dominators. This is something that they haven’t offered before.

Last, but not least, you’ll earn commissions from any of your leads who decide to purchase Solo Ads. Solo Ads are where you can buy a certain amount of traffic and send them to a specific offer or squeeze page with the hopes of them signing up eventually having them take action and earn commissions that way. You can even send them to your Mega Funnel once you have it set up. You’ll also earn commissions if the leads you have, recruit other leads and they purchase Solo Ads as well which is exciting.

As you can see, there are many ways you can earn some great commissions for being a member of Dominators, but there is one last thing I have to share with you that will give you the EASIEST commissions ever for being a Dominator. This is something I’ve actually gone over before, but is a brand new perk of being a member of the Dominators and I’ll go over that next.

Comment Domination Pro is Free!

In the past I’ve talked about the easiest way ever to earn commissions within OLSP or even anywhere else and you’ll be surprised at how easy and quick it is. Now this way won’t make you a lot of money as you’ll want your primary commissions to come from what I’ve discussed above, but this can help you reach your goals and more importantly, help yourself and others with traffic within Facebook.

Wayne Crowe has developed a system within OLSP to make any posts you create on Facebook promoting OLSP or other products within, go viral or attract attention. Comment Domination Pro allows you to reply to another member’s OLSP post (which is usually promoting one of the live events) and make money from it. When a member creates a post and wants people to respond so that others within either their friends list or other parts of Facebook (as long as their profile is public), they can purchase credits which will allow that person to use them for a certain number of replies to that post where members inside OLSP (As long as they’re a member of Comment Domination Pro) will earn some commissions. Now each credit is worth $0.25 so that is what you’ll get paid for each reply you post (and you have to make sure it’s set within the rules or you’ll get kicked out!).

Comment Domination Pro

Now Comment Domination Pro costs a one time fee of $99, but if you’re part of Dominators, it comes free AND you’ll get 40 free credits each month to help you with any Facebook posts you create so that other members can reply to those posts thus helping you gain the attention of others with what you’re promoting. It’s such a great way to help you promote your business on Facebook and make money through Facebook as well. This is the easiest way to make commissions within OLSP and is another reason to join OLSP Dominators.

More Training to Come as Well as New Traffic Sources.

Wayne Crowe has said that there are more big things to come within OLSP Dominators so now is definitely the best time to join. A big thing that is coming on August 8th of 2022 is what’s called the Traffic Challenge. It’s gonna be very interesting, but very informative as Wayne will introduce a few new ways to get organic traffic and we will get to see this live. If you are a member of Dominators and are in the main area of it within OLSP, you’ll notice that in the training section that there are different sections of training.

The first one, titled “Getting Started”, should be open to you while the other 2 sections will show that it’s locked. I haven’t fully completely the Getting Started section yet, but I have one more video to go through where hopefully once completed, I’ll unlock the next section titled Time to Dominate.

The third and final section is the Traffic Challenge which I just talked about a short while ago. This will become available on Augusta 8th and will be very exciting with new methods of getting traffic. I must say that I’m very happy with the revamped OLSP Dominators as it is offering so much more than before and will only get better with time. If you’re an OLSP Member and have gone through the OLSP Academy and are ready to take some serious action, definitely consider upgrading to Dominators.

OLSP Dominators is for Action Takers

There is so much potential to earn a lot of commissions with OLSP Dominators along with exclusive training and new sources of traffic that it is a no brainer to join this monthly service. I know the $99 monthly fee may seem steep, but as long as you’re willing to take action from what you learn within OLSP Academy and Dominators, you will see results and the monthly fee will seem trivial to what you’ll be bringing in.

I can guarantee you that OLSP works as I have made commissions from it. I have not always been consistent like I should be or take the right action that is necessary to keep bringing in commissions, but when I did take action, I definitely saw results and sometimes commissions came in when I least expected them to.


If you want to succeed in life and reach your financial goals or want to get away from a traditional day job, take action. That’s the only way you’re going to succeed. There are many members who are earning hundreds and thousands per month because of what they learned and put into consistent action. Some saw commissions quick while others took a little longer, but no matter the time the commissions came in, they stuck with it and kept taking action.

What I like so much about OLSP is that you have choices of how you want to proceed. You can stay a free member and earn commissions though it may take a little longer, but as long as put forth the effort, you’ll see results. If you want to invest in the great services within OLSP to try to speed things up, you most certainly can. OLSP Dominators is the next logical step if you really want to get things going and are serious about earning major income online. The revamped OLSP Dominators is well worth your time.

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