What Is Search Engine Optimization About?

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If you’ve ever wanted to do an online business especially starting a website or blog for it, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization or SEO for short. People want to have a successful online business and so if you’re one of those people then there are certain things and concepts that must come into focus and SEO is one of them.

The biggest thing you want in order to have a thriving business online and in order to get that to happen, you need to get traffic to your website. The more traffic you have, the greater the chances of success for you online. There is a way to get lots of free and even targeted traffic to your website though it does take some time especially if you’re first starting out.

The specific way I’m talking about is what’s called search engine optimization or SEO for short. What is search engine optimization all about? Let’s take a closer look because success for an online business especially if you have a website, depends a lot on it.

Millions of People Use Search Engines Everyday

People use search engines all the time and you’ve more than likely used them at times as well. The most well known search engine out there is of course Google. You can practically search for anything on Google and a lot of times people are using it to find solutions to problems they’re having or they’re looking for reviews of products to read before they buy them.

I certainly have used Google to find reviews of different things such as reputable websites, restaurant reviews, best ways to make money online, where to find used transmissions, best 4K television, etc.

There are other search engines as well such as Yahoo and Bing, but Google is definitely regarded as the top dog in the search engine world. You can still get traffic from the other search engines though and that is something you certainly want to do because the more traffic you have, the better your chances of earning revenue from your business.

If you have a website, you’ll need to get it to where it will be featured on Google’s search engine as well as the others. There are certain algorithms that are used to determine how and which websites to rank, but your ultimate goal is to get featured on the first page as that will give you the most exposure to free traffic and hopefully it will be traffic that will convert to sales of whatever it is you’re promoting on your site.

Google for SEO

Years ago it was fairly easy to get a website ranked within the first 5 pages of Google as you could do what’s called back-linking. I won’t go into a lot of detail on that as it is no longer something that Google favors. In fact that can now get you penalized in their search engine if your website uses it excessively.

What Google favors is content that is helpful to an audience and that is also engaging. The search engines really want to see content that helps people with their problems and for those people to comment on the content that you produce. This will help your website immensely on getting ranked very highly and potentially on the first page. The question now though becomes how do you produce content in a niche that people will want to read? I will talk about that next.

Targeted Keywords

In order for your website to get ranked, you need to produce helpful content which is what I mentioned above. A specific piece of content though needs to have a specific focus, something to be centered around. This is where targeted keywords come in.

For an example, let’s say that your website is in the niche of 4K Televisions. You might know a lot about them such as which ones to buy, which ones to stay away from, which ones are the easiest to calibrate, etc. A targeted keyword for a specific article in that niche could be something like “Best 4K TVs for Gaming”. Since that is the main keyword for your article, that’s what you want the entire article’s focus to be.

You don’t need to put “Best 4K TVs for Gaming” in every paragraph, but the place to put a keyword in your article is in the main heading, in the first, second, or third paragraph, and the last paragraph. It looks more natural when you have the keywords placed like that and you might even have other keywords related to that niche throughout your article that will have a natural flow.

At this point, there might be questions going through your head such as “How do I find the best keyword?”, “There’s got to be a lot of competition out there in my particular niche, how do I rank ahead of my competition for keywords?”, What’s the best way to check my ranking in the Google Search Engine once I create keyword targeted content?”. I will answer all of that next.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

In order to find the best keywords and keywords that’ll be a lot easier to rank content, you need to have a good keyword tool out there that can give you information on the potential rank of a keyword such as potential monthly searches of that keyword, possible traffic from that keyword, and the level of possible competition from a keyword.

Thankfully there’s a keyword out there that will give you all of that and more and it’s called Jaaxy. I won’t go into a whole lot of detail about as you can read my full review of it here. It’s definitely one of the best keyword tools out there and it gives you a lot of tools and help when it comes to ranking content and your website as a whole. You can even check to see how the competition in your niche is doing so that you can create great content accordingly and find great keywords that can even help to outrank them.

Keyword tool

You can track how a particular keyword is doing each week to see if it’s moved up in rank in the search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Jaaxy even offers for you to see some great domain names for a website that could be available for you and might even rank quickly should register those domains and create a website.

There’s just so much that Jaaxy offers, but you can try it out for free for up to 30 keyword searches just to see what it’s like. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get unlimited access to lite version of Jaaxy that will allow you to do as many keyword searches as you desire. If you want to get access to what more that Jaaxy has to offer, you can get a discount on its Pro membership level which is $19.95 a month, provided you’re a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

On a side note, Wealthy Affiliate at one time had their own free keyword tool which was pretty good, but it didn’t offer all the bells and whistles that Jaaxy did which is probably why they switched to using Jaaxy as the go to keyword tool.

Answer The Public

While Jaaxy is a great tool to use to find keywords in order to get your content ranked, it’s not the only method out there for finding keywords to produce quality content. There are plenty of other methods where you can find what people are looking for in any given niche.

Using Google itself is one option as they do have other tools and methods to help you in your research in any niche that you have put your focus in. If you have been following my series where I talk about different niches and whether they can be profitable, you’ll have read of a website online that I use a lot where it shows the kinds of questions people are asking or needing problems solved in any given niche.

That place is called answerthepublic.com. It’s an amazing site that shows you what kinds of questions people are asking online and that need answering. In short, if you can provide those answers, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful business online because you’ll have gained the trust of those people for giving them solutions to their problems and so they’re more willing to give whatever you’re promoting a try.

Questions about speakers

There are some bonuses on Answer The Public that I really haven’t mentioned before. In addition to the questions of something specific, there’s also what’s called prepositions. They’re not necessarily questions, but people do have specific problems that they are facing with different things. In this instance they are not trying to get information for a specific product they want to buy, but instead are having a specific problem with an item and need an answer to help solve it.

Let me give you an example. When I type Samsung TVs in answer the public, the first thing that will come up is questions that are being asked online about Samsung TVs. “Will Samsung TV Record On Standby?” is one question, but if you scroll down past the wheel of questions (or click Prepositions at the top of the page), you’ll see another wheel that contain statements whether than questions. Here’s some examples: “Samsung TV Can’t Connect to Netflix”, “Samsung TV Cannot Connect To WiFi”, “Samsung TV is Not Responding to Remote”, and more.

As you can tell, those are problems people are having with Samsung TVs and they need those problems solved. If you can provide the solutions to those particular problems, trust will be gained by those visiting your site. Something else to keep in mind to is that if someone who visits your site and is seriously considering on buying a Samsung TV (provided that’s the niche you go with), they might see solutions to common problems those particular televisions have on your site and might feel more comfortable purchasing one if you have affiliate links to Samsung televisions on your site.

Having those kinds of solutions will make Google look very favorably on your website as it will show that you are an authority figure in your niche. The more trust you have with visitors at your site, the more trust Google will put in your site and the better ranked you will be in their search engine, so much so that you can be on the first page for a lot of different keywords.

Give It A Try

Now that you have a generalization of what SEO is, you no longer have to ask “What Is Search Engine Optimization about?”. You can get your website SEO ready for the search engines with the use of keywords, so go ahead and give Jaaxy as well as Answer The Public a try. As I mentioned earlier, you get 30 free keyword searches for Jaaxy so that you can see what it’s like and Answer The Public is completely free.

Even if you don’t want to pay for Jaaxy after giving it a try, Answer The Public will always be free and that is another way to come up with content ideas for your website and great keywords as well. If you’re just starting out in the online business world, especially for affiliate marketing, answerthepublic.com can be your first place or tool to use to get you up and running and once you get some revenue from your site, you can then add Jaaxy to your list of helpful tools.

There’s other good tools out there that I haven’t even touched upon, but maybe you know of some other great tools that have helped with your website to be SEO compliant for the search engines. Feel free to post your thoughts or anything else that can be useful when it comes to search engine optimization. If you’re wanting to build an online business so you longer have to rely on a traditional day job, head on over to my review of Wealthy Affiliate so that you can see what it’s all about and what it offers to make that vision a reality.