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How to Find Keywords for Website Ranking

To affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. What better way to make some money than reviewing products that you like or even don’t like in any given niche and earn some money from the sale of those products? Let’s say you’ve definitely chosen To affiliate Marketing as your path, you’ve chosen a specific niche, and you’ve got a website setup. Now all you need is content, but more importantly, content that will rank and get you traffic. The kind of traffic that will earn you revenue. In order to do that, you’ll need to learn how to find keywords for website ranking and I’ll talk about how to do just that.


Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization About?

If you’ve ever wanted to do an online business especially starting a website or blog for it, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization or SEO for short. People want to have a successful online business and so if you’re one of those people then there are certain things and concepts that must come into focus and SEO is one of them.

The biggest thing you want in order to have a thriving business online and in order to get that to happen, you need to get traffic to your website. The more traffic you have, the greater the chances of success for you online. There is a way to get lots of free and even targeted traffic to your website though it does take some time especially if you’re first starting out.

The specific way I’m talking about is what’s called search engine optimization or SEO for short. What is search engine optimization all about? Let’s take a closer look because success for an online business especially if you have a website, depends a lot on it.


What is Jaaxy.com and why use it? My Review

Major Update, August 28th 2017: The price of Jaaxy is going to go up starting on September 4th. Pro monthly membership will go from $19 to $49 and Enterprise monthly membership will go from $49 to $99. They’ve updated this already excellent keyword tool with even more features to help your website get to number one on the search engines and see how the competition is doing.

If you join anyone one of those membership levels BEFORE September 4th, you will be locked in/grandfathered in at the original prices. If you’ve been on the fence about Jaaxy, now is the perfect time to join before the prices increase. Even though they are going up, Jaaxy is still well worth the membership, that’s something I can definitely attest to!

I’ve talked about before using a keyword tool and the one that is provided at Wealthy Affiliate which you can read about here. I talked about what all the things mean when using that specific keyword tool and how it can help you get your content ranked on your website.

Well I’m going to be talking about another keyword tool that I actually use and why I prefer using that one over the one that’s provided at Wealthy Affiliate. Without further ado, here’s my review of Jaaxy.com.

Overall Ranking:

Price: Free to sign up and 30 free searches ($19 for Pro and $49 for Enterprise memberships)
Owners: Co-Founder Kyle
Website: www.jaaxy.com


When I first started at Wealthy Affiliate and started doing the lessons for the first time, I learned the importance of using keywords and why they were important to getting your content ranked so that you can get traffic in order to increase the potential of earning some money from your reviews or other products that are being promoted. So what is jaaxy.com and why use it?


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