Is PaidViewPoint A Scam? My Review

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Update: I’ve posted a video at the end of this article that will give you an overview of what is like. You’ll see me take a couple of surveys and actually earn some money from them.


Name: PaidViewPoint

Price: Free
Owners: Umongous, Inc
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

What is Paidviewpoint?

A lot of you may be very familiar with survey sites online. There are quite a few of them and there are legitimate ones as well as some that scams. If they ask you to pay, stay away from them as survey sites should be free to join. Paidviewpoint thankfully is not one of those scams. It is free to join and you can earn money from this particular site.

It is a bit different than a lot other survey sites though. You might remember my review of Vindale Research. With that particular survey site, you have to qualify for the main surveys and so basically you’re taking surveys to try to qualify for the big surveys so that you can get paid. A lot of times it is hard to qualify for those surveys and it is a site I generally didn’t recommend because of the difficulty of qualifying for surveys.

Paidviewpoint seems to be different in this regard because with any kind of survey that you see available and you complete it, you will get paid. When you first start out, you’ll see two bars at the top right part of the screen in the Dashboard. The top one that is green is the earnings bar and the blue one below it is what’s called your Traitscore. Both of those bars will be empty and so you’ll want to get both of them filled up.

You might be wondering what in the world the Traitscore bar is, because I certainly did when I first signed up. According to PaidViewPoint’s FAQ, this is what it is and why it is used here. They call it the TrustScore, but it’s the Traitscore that you see in your dashboard:

“What is the TrustScoreSM and how it is calculated?

PaidViewpoint’s patent-pending TrustScoreSM system was invented to assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics. Historically, there has been a huge problem in the online market research industry concerning the quality of data. Unfortunately, some people do not read survey questions, or stop to think for a few seconds, and fail to give their candid opinions or truthfully disclose their demographics. PV decided to build algorithms into its system which identify the members with best practices and reward them for being good survey takers. The system PV uses to perform this assessment is called “TrustScore”. The key to earning a high TrustScoreSM is quite simple: Be honest about your demographics and traits, always give your honest opinions, and don’t be fickle. Change your mind only when it is really changed. Lastly, remember, we aren’t interested in your personal identity although we do verify that you are a real person and are who you claim to be. We want to learn about you and your candid opinions.”

After reading that, it does kind of make sense as to why PaidViewPoint uses the Traitscore. With the few surveys I was able to qualify for at Vindale Research, I noticed that some of the survey questions would say something such as “Please select the color green” or “What is 2 + 2?”. I understand why they would ask something like this as people just generally want to breeze through a survey and may not glance at all the questions properly and just start clicking whatever they feel like in order to get through it quicker. Those companies that are needing that research data through the surveys are really wanting people to be genuine and so they would put those kinds of questions in the survey to ensure you are paying attention to what they are saying.


With PaidviewPoint’s Traitscore, it really eliminates the need for that. The first kinds of surveys you’ll be doing will be to gauge your personality so they can tailor the right kinds of surveys to you. The nice thing about that is you still get paid for those type of surveys and increase your Traitscore. I will have to say though that it will take quite some time to fill that bar up completely. I’ve been a part of PaidViewPoint for over a year now and I still haven’t filled up my Traitscore bar, though I’m not too far from it.

The next question now is how much can you get paid for any of the surveys and when can you cash out? That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about next.

Getting paid at Paidviewpoint

Now that you know what Paidviewpoint is all about and what the purpose of its Traitscore is, it’s time to talk about how you can earn with each survey and when you can cash out. The surveys you’ll first start taking to see what your personality is like are generally worth about 10 cents, but there might be a decent amount of them at the beginning so it will add up a bit faster than you might think and the good news is that you’ll always qualify for them.

If you are on there at the right time, you’ll get an opportunity to take some market research surveys which will be worth more. Paidviewpoint says that you’ll earn the maximum amount when your Traitscore is completely filled up. What that means is, each question you complete will be worth a certain amount which could be anywhere from a penny to something higher.

Getting Paid

I don’t know the exact amount you can earn which you’ve filled up the Traitscore, but I’m very eager to earn as much as I possibly can. As far as when you can cash out, once the green earnings bar reaches its maximum it means you can cash out and the cash out threshold is $15. I’ve actually reached that for the very first time a week ago. In order to cash out though you’ll need to have a PayPal account and you’ll have to have it verified which is pretty easy to do. You’ll also need to verify your phone number on file and all you have to do on that is call or text the number shown on the screen in the earnings section and put in the confirmation number that is also on screen. Once your phone number and PayPal account are verified, you are ready to cash out once you’ve reached the payout threshold.

Is Paidviewpoint a scam and of not, can you make a lot of money with it?

Paidviewpoint is definitely not a scam and one of the very few survey sites that I actually like. You will not make quick money with it when doing the surveys and it does take awhile to reach the $15 dollar threshold, but each survey you’re offered and complete will yield you a little bit of money.

Not A Scam

With that being said there is a way to earn a bit more than just the surveys. You can earn up to $25 for every person you invite to Paidviewpoint and sign up. The more they are active on there, the more you can get paid, but up to $25 maximum. I do know someone who has made a few hundred dollars each month by referring others to Paidviewpoint, but not much more than that.

It certainly might be enough to pay a bill or two and might allow you to save for a more expensive item, but that’s about all. You will get an email each time a survey is available so that way you won’t necessarily have to worry about missing any of them (if you have the time to do them).

Paidviewpoint is definitely not something I’d recommend for a long term scalable and sustainable income, however, in conjunction with other revenue streams it could be beneficial. I’d recommend Paidviewpoint for some extra side income, but if you want to build a long term and scalable passive income stream, Wealthy Affiliate is your best bet for that.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try out and teaches you how to build a long term online business that can yield you a full time income in any niche that you feel very passionate about. There are many members there with great success stories, but they will all tell you one thing. It took lots of consistent hard work, but they were determined and they followed the training to a tee and therefore because of all of that, they were able to see success. ANYONE can succeed online, you just have to work for it, always take action and you will see results.

Want to see a full review of Wealthy Affiliate? Click the link below to my review. In the meantime give Paidviewpoint a try. It is 100% free to try to is a nice way to get just a little extra side income. Feel free to post your thoughts below especially if you’re familiar with Paidviewpoint. If you have, how long have you been a member of it? How much have you earned since being a member? Are you getting surveys every day or have you completely filled up the Traitscore bar? Have you referred very many people there and have they been actively using it? Do you recommend a different survey site other than Paidviewpoint? Let me know what you think so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts!

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I just wanted to give an update. I’ve been using Paidviewpoint a lot more lately and I have reached the maximum traitscore allowed at this survey site. In my full review above, I did talk about reaching the maximum traitscore available so that you can get more surveys, especially ones that pay more.

I know I’ve said this before, but what I really like about Paidviewpoint is that no matter what survey I get, I’ll never get rejected from any survey for any reason like you can at other survey sites. You’ll always get paid for every survey that you complete there and it is always a minimum of 10 cents. 

With my traitscore at 10,000, I’ve been getting more survey opportunities and surveys that pay more than the 10 cent minimum. It’s now always a lot, but the highest I’ve been paid for any one survey is $1.10 so far and I’ve also been able to reach the $15 threshold more often for cashing out. As you’ll see from the picture below, my lifetime earnings so far has been a little over $64.

My most recent earnings

I’m over halfway through to cashing out again so right now it has definitely become worth my time going to paidviewpoint dailey and completing the surveys that are offered to me for any particular day. I can’t stress enough how much better it is than most other survey sites out there because you’ll never be rejected for any survey here that you do or try out for.

You won’t get rich from paidviewpoint, but you will definitely get a little extra cash that could be enough for a dinner one night or movie ticket or just to save up for something. I recommend paidviewpoint for earning a little extra money in the short term. As far as a long term way to earn income, I would say no to that although if you’re good at referrals, you can earn more cash that way from it, but you won’t earn near as much as affiliate marketing which is something that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you.