Email Fraud - Admin PayPal

A Legitimate Admin PayPal Email. Or is it?

Welcome back folks! I want to share with you a legitimate Admin PayPal Email! I mean, it says it is from the Admin him/herself so it must absolutely be legitimate, right? I mean sure, I’ve shown other emails from PayPal that turned out to be scams in the past, but this one actually seems real!

I really don’t see any spelling mistakes in the email I’m getting ready to show you so I think the what they are saying is true. If I click on the link, I’ll certainly be able to keep my account from being closed because I don’t want it to be closed at a time like this especially when it is getting a little harder to access and send money.


PayPal Email Scam - Another One

Another PayPal Email Scam

Phishing emails seem to be more prevalent these days and it seems lately that I’ve been getting more and more of them. I’ve talked about some of the ones I’ve received in the past especially those that are supposedly from Apple, Netflix, and Amazon, just to name a few.

Obviously they’re not real emails from those companies and I’ve talked about what to look out for in which it shows they are phishing emails trying to get your precious login information to the actual companies you have accounts with. I’ve even shown a PayPal phishing email that I’ve received in the past.


PayPal Phishing Email

PayPal Email Scams and How To Avoid Them

It’s time to take a look at another common phishing email! If you’ve been following my series, you’ll have read about the ones I’ve talked about regarding Netflix and Apple. In my last article, I talked specifically about an Apple ID Email Scam and how I avoided becoming a victim of it. You can read more about that here if you haven’t already.

I took a look at such things as the email address it came from, the email header itself, spelling and grammatical errors and also the fact that the email failed to address me by my name which is one of the biggest red flags out there. If it were a legitimate email they would address me by my first name since I have an account with them.


What Is Survey To Earn About? My Review

Survey To Earn

Name: Survey To Earn

Price: Free
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Survey To Earn, Product Overview

You might have come across a particular website or even seen it advertised in a YouTube video and asked the question what is survey to earn about and can I earn money with it? I know I did when I first came across it or heard it mentioned so I decided to go to the source itself and check it out.

It’s pretty easy to tell that Survey To Earn is a survey site. Can it make you some money? The short answer is yes, but I’m not ready to call this a great place to earn money. You can definitely forget about this particular survey site as a great place to scale and earn long term or passive income.


Phishing Scam

Apple ID Email Scam and How to Avoid Becoming A Victim

Welcome back folks and today I’m going to be talking about another type of email phishing scam. If you remember not too long ago, I talked about a Netflix phishing email scam that I received. Phishing emails are always dangerous as they can lead to malware and viruses being installed on your computer as well as the potential of having your identity stolen or even your bank account being accessed and funds being taken out of it.


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