Free Money On The Internet? With OLSP, It’s Possible!

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MAJOR UPDATE!! (7/9/22)

Folks, there’s been a major redesign of OLSP and has now been titled OLSP Academy. The $20 that they offered to get for free after completing Unit 1 is no more. The creator of OLSP (Wayne Crowe), had decided to get rid of that feature as a lot of people were only joining to receive that $20 and weren’t really interested in pursing a full time online business that OLSP offered to teach on how to create one for free. He has now completely revamped OLSP as well as the training and wants those who are serious about learning to create an online business that can better people’s lives. This does not change the fact that I highly recommend joining OLSP for free and learning exactly what they teach. If you want to change your financial situation, OLSP and Wealthy Affiliate are among the best places online to learn how to do just that.

Hi folks, I’m back and ready to talk about something great! If you want free money on the internet, there are ways to get it, but it does require some time, patience, and a willingness to learn and put into action what you learn.

Survey sites are some of the best places to get free money online in exchange for some of your time, but the sad thing is, you usually can’t make a lot of money with those and a lot of the survey sites will turn you down because they say you won’t qualify for a lot of their surveys. If you want just a little extra spending money, then that’s what survey sites are for.

If you want to earn a lot more than that, say money that can help pay off bills, get you out of debt faster, and even where it’s possible to earn a full time income to replace a job, then it is quite possible to make that happen online. You just need the right place and training to make that a reality. There are two great places online that can teach you exactly how to do just that, but one of them offers completely free training AND free money just for completing the training! I’ll talk about that next.

Where Do You Get Free Money?

The place where you can get free money online just for completing the training is OLSP. Now I’ve talked about OLSP before and have even given a review of it which you can read about by clicking here. It’s a great place to learn how to make money online through the use of Affiliate Marketing. They focus on the make money online niche and as long as you follow the training and take action, you will see results.

So how much free money will you get at OLSP? You’ll get $20 just for completing their Bootcamp which is about two and a half hours of videos that will show you the ins and outs of OLSP and how to get the most out of it. Trust me, it’s pretty easy to watch the videos and at the end, there is a short quiz for you to go through to make sure you understand what was being taught in the bootcamp.

Once you successfully pass it, you’ll be presented with a certificate that you can download that shows you successfully completed the bootcamp, and you will get $20 for completing it as well. I will tell you though that you won’t be able to cash it out because you have to meet a $50 minimum threshold in order to cash out. Also, in order to receive the $20 for completing the Bootcamp, you must be brand new to OLSP and complete the bootcamp within 14 days.

Now if there are any of you who aren’t new to OLSP, you can still go through the bootcamp and complete it, but you won’t get $20 for it. It’s just for new members only. So what does the bootcamp consist of? I will go through that next.

What’s in the OLSP Bootcamp?

The first module of the OLSP Bootcamp is an approximately 30 minute video and it’s called the journey to become a traffic dominator. Wayne Crowe, the founder of OLSP, welcomes you to the Bootcamp and will introduce you to the entire training. One of the first things he asks you to do is to join the Traffic Dominator Facebook group.

The Facebook group is completely free to join and is a great place to get help as well as to see how other members are doing. It’s also a great place to get motivation because a lot of other members will post recent successes that they have had happened. From time to time I’ve posted some of my own successes as well.

Traffic Dominators Bootcamp

Something I do want to mention though is it’s important not to spam on the group or post/promote other products or links. I once tried to post a picture of a recent success of mine, but the picture had a link to a different website and while my intention might’ve been good, it went against the group’s code of conduct. I talked to one of the moderators about it and understood why it didn’t get posted.

The good thing about this video is that there is a direct link to the Facebook group so that you don’t have to go searching for it. As long as you agree to their guidelines, you should be approved to be a member of the group. The rest of the video generally tells you how the training is going to be and what is going to be important with that training letting you know that there will be no fluff, just what is important on how to make money.

Once you are done with that video, you just click the box saying that you have completed Module One and the next module will open up for you. Be sure to join the Facebook Messenger Bot that will automatically send you important updates for OLSP in Facebook Messenger such as live trainings and then click the button to join the Facebook group.

The next module focuses on what is called your megalink. That is important because this is the link you will use to promote OLSP and refer others to the system. The video is around ten minutes long and Wayne Crowe explains what exactly happens when someone clicks your megalink and signs up to OLSP afterwards. They will become part of your team once that happens. The video is not too long so this one is a breeze to get through.

The next module talks about earning with your megalink. Wayne Crowe tells you that this is one of the most exciting parts since this is how you can earn commissions with it. He says it is important to go through all the training as it is exciting to go through and show the potential of what you can earn as long as you take action. Now the link itself won’t make you money, and OLSP is completely free to sign up to as well as free to complete all the training, but Wayne Crowe does tell you that they promote things that can only help people earn and some of the products they offer do cost money. They aren’t required, but I will tell you this. If someone joins OLSP under you and they are really interested in being successful there, they will be interested in some of the products being offered there and will probably purchase some of them in which case you’ll earn some commissions.

Now I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is all true because I have made some commissions from people buying the products there who have joined through my megalink. This does work folks all you have to do is take action. Time to go through more of the modules.

More Modules in the Bootcamp

It might seem like there are a lot of modules to go through, but don’t that let that stop you. As I said earlier, it is approximately two and half hours to complete and you’ll earn $20 for doing it. Trust me, what is taught in the bootcamp will help you immensely in the long run, especially when you go through the training units.

The module after the megalink one is about OLSP points which is a stepping stone to success. Each time you log into OLSP and do certain things within it, you’ll earn points and if you earn enough of them each month, you can actually get prizes such as money and free traffic.

I’ve got over 3,000 points total since I’ve been a member of OLSP and I’m currently at the second highest level which is called the Ultimate Level. The highest one after that is Batman level and there’s only a few at the top which also includes Wayne Crowe himself.

The video is around ten and a half minutes long and it will tell you what the points are for and the best ways to earn them. One of the best ways to get points is by referring others to the system and the more active they are, the more points you can earn as well. It took me awhile to get to 3,000 points, but it can happen a lot sooner if you work at it every day.

After you get through the points video, the next video module focuses on meeting your team and getting the help you need. It’s not a very long video and lasts a little over three minutes. This one focuses on people who join OLSP under you and what you should do once they are in your team. It also talks about how you can reach out for help if you need it since everyone will have a mentor when they join. I think this is really important because you want to help out people who are added to your team because if they are successful, you’re successful. Again, this is a really short, but nevertheless, important video so make sure you learn how to take care of your team.

The Rest of The Modules

Once you’ve completed the meet your team video, there are ten more video modules to go through. It may seem daunting, but stay the course and you’ll finish it no time.

The rest of the video modules are important because they will show you about the remaining stuff inside OLSP and how to use them to your benefit so that you can be successful here. It talks about things such as an easy way to get traffic, affiliate marketing traffic domination style, how to check on the commissions that you can earn there, the products that are offered in traffic domination and which are some of the best to use, and even more.

Money in PayPal

The last module fully welcomes you to traffic domination as you’ve completed the entire boot camp. Once you’ve gone through it all, you’ll take a quiz to see if you’ve learned what was being taught in those video modules. If you successfully pass (which is easy to do), you’ll get a certificate of completion as well as $20 which I mentioned before.

It should take you no time to get through the rest of the modules so learn as much as you can when you go through them as you’ll become a pro at navigating and using OLSP.

Earn While You Learn

I can’t think of any other place online that will actually pay you for going through a certain section of their training. Getting paid $20 is absolutely amazing and what you’ll learn through the bootcamp are the foundations of what you’ll need to truly be successful at OLSP.

I think anyone should give it a try. This is completely free training, not just a small sliver of training you get like when you sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account, you get the full deal and you get paid for completing a portion of it. If you want to learn to make money online and watch it grow over time, this is easily one of the best places online to do just that.

How much can you make besides the $20 for completing the bootcamp? Well that all depends on you, the more time and effort you spend with OLSP, the better the chance you will earn more. I haven’t been a member of OLSP for a full year and already I’ve made close to $200 and that’s with only putting a little effort into it. I will tell you that is far faster than what I’ve earned at Wealthy Affiliate, which I’m not knocking as it teaches you another way to make money with affiliate marketing through the use of a website and believe it or not, that can also help you with OLSP.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give the bootcamp a try at OLSP, then this will be the ticket to get free money on the internet so take advantage of it. Immerse yourself in it and take a look at how others within the system are enjoying success. I want to be successful and earn more money and so I’m putting more effort into it. You can do the same, so give it a try and click the image below to sign up! Also, check out my video to give you a more visual look at what the Bootcamp looks like.

Twenty Dollars