Selling Washing Machines Online: Is It Profitable?

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Welcome back to my continuing series of different niches and whether they can be profitable online. It has been awhile since my last one, but if you’ve been reading them, you’ll remember that the last one I talked about was the selling of smartphones and whether or not it would be a profitable niche to get into.

I had looked into things such as affiliate programs you could join, what kind of problems people are having with smartphones and possible solutions you could help them with and how best to create a website centered around smartphones.

Well today we are going to be taking a look at washing machines and whether or not the selling of washing machines online can be profitable. They are definitely essential in order for us to keep our clothes clean and this can certainly be a profitable niche if you know what to look for. So without further ado, lets take a closer look at washing machines.

Choosing a Niche: Washing Machines

Now I’ll be honest, you’re probably not thinking of washing machines when deciding what would be a great profitable niche to get into in the online world, but believe it or not, there are people who are passionate about them, want the latest technologically up to date versions and there are a lot of people out there who take older washing machines, fix them up, and sell them for a certain price which is also a great way to earn some cash.

First of all, lets take a look at what brands or kinds of washing machines are being advertised and sold online. A quick search in Google will show some washing machines being advertised at the top of the page. The first few brands I see are from Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG.

I’m used to the more traditional machines where you open them from the top and load laundry in that way, but there are a lot of front loading washing machines being sold today that are quite popular. There are pros and cons to each one of them, but you could definitely list those out in that niche if you so choose.

As far as other brands, there’s Kenmore, Maytag, Amana, Insignia, Roper, GE, and more. As you can see, there are a wide range of brands to choose from when it comes to washing machines. All of them have different features that can be beneficial to people or a waste of time to others. Now let’s take a look at what kind of questions people have when it comes to washing machines or what problems they might have that need solving.

What Problems Need Solving in This Niche?

Finding what kind of problems people are having in any given niche is incredibly important because if you can help solve them, you’ll be well on your way to have a successful business online. In the beginning I certainly thought it would be tough to find what people are needing help with or what questions they needed answered.

It really isn’t that hard to find those things online as this is where research comes in. I’ve mentioned before in my past articles that is an excellent place to find the kinds of questions and problems people are asking online on practically anything. This will help you immensely with creating quality content on a website if you decide to go that route.

Questions About Washing Machines

As far as questions people are asking online when it comes to washing machines, has quite a few of them and I want to take a look at some of them. Are washing machines standard width? Are there energy efficient washing machines? Which washing machines are the most reliable? Can washing machines shrink clothes? The list just goes on and there are LOTS of questions that people want answered when it comes to washing machines.

You can also find different things on Google related to washing machines using the alphabet soup technique which is something I’ve talked about before and you’ll learn about if join Wealthy Affiliate, but it is also a great research mechanism. There are things such as washing machines that are the best, consumer reports, dimensions, electrolux, small spaces, and so much more.

If you want to see what kind of answers are already out there to some of these questions, you can type them in the Google search bar and see what comes up or you can also click on a question at and it will take you to Google with that question already loaded in the search bar and you can see the different kind answers or responses to that different question. This will give you an idea of what’s already out there and you can add your experiences to that which can help people out. There are also question sites you can go to such as or even to get some ideas of what people are asking or needing help with in this particular niche or in any other.

How To Tell If It Will Be Profitable

Now comes the part I’m sure everyone is more interested in. How to tell if the washing machines niche will be profitable. The quickest way to see what they sell for is to do what I did earlier and type washing machines into the Google Search Bar. You’ll immediately see ads for different kinds of machines that generally average $300 or more. That right there shows that there is potential for a nice commission if they are sold through your site as affiliate products.

Let’s look at what kind of affiliate programs are out there to earn some revenue. Once I type in washing machine + affiliate program in the search bar at Google, there’s a nice list of affiliate programs that come up. One I notice right off the bat is a site called appliances connection.

Make Money

It looks like they have a good affiliate program because unlike other ones, it says there is no cap on how much you can earn. A lot of affiliate sites have commission rates of 2%-10%, but if you can find affiliate programs with higher caps are no caps at all, that makes it even better. You have the potential to earn $200 or more on a $500 washing machine if the program doesn’t have a cap.

Here’s something interesting. Sears offers an affiliate program, but if you’ve read the latest headlines about the company, you want to stay far away from them as it is a company that is on the verge of disappearing. After I had a quick look at its affiliate site, I see that they don’t even tell you how much of a percentage you can earn from sales of their products. Stay clear of them.

A search on the second page yields an affiliate site called appliances direct. This looks to be based out of the UK (England) and their commission percentage tends to be on the rather low side at 2%. It’s totally up to you to decide which affiliate program to go with, but the potential to earn some good money through some of these affiliate programs is definitely there.

What You Need To Do To Start Earning Money

Ok, so we’ve talked about the different brands of washing machines, where to go to find out the kinds of questions and problems people are having with them, how much washing machines generally sell for and different affiliate programs out there that you can sign up with to earn some money.

So the question now becomes, how do you put all of this together? The answer to that is a website where you can blog and list helpful content in any niche that will be of benefit to people. A website is basically your piece of real estate online. The goal is to get traffic to your website, but traffic that is looking for the kind of content you’re offering. The higher the traffic to your website, the greater the potential for you to earn more and more revenue, but it is VERY important that first and foremost you are there to help others. Your content is for the benefit of other people. If you build up trust with the traffic to your website, you’ll get ranked higher and higher in the search engines.

In order for your website to get ranked you need to focus on keywords that are relevant to your niche as a whole. Now there’s lots of competition out there so your focus should be on keywords that don’t have a lot of competition and it will be easier for your content and website to rank.

You’re probably wondering where in the world you’ll be able to find low competition keywords to get your site ranked. That’s what I will talk about next in my conclusion.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve talked about a lot when it comes to finding out if the selling of washing machines can be a profitable online business. If that is the niche you want to pursue or you passion is in a different niche, you’ll need to a place that will teach you how to create and build up a website, how to get your content on it ranked, how to find low competition keywords so you can get ranked in search engines such as Google, and a place where you can always get help and mentoring anytime you need.

The best place to do that online is Wealthy Affiliate. I know I’ve talked a lot about it before, but this place is absolutely amazing. There is such good quality training that is always updated when any new information is relevant for the success of your business, you can find a domain name and have hosting there so there is no need to go outside of Wealthy Affiliate to register a domain, they have an EXCELLENT keyword tool that you can use to find those low competition keywords.

There’s also a live video class each week, tons more training that other members can add to help other people and you always have access to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. The best part of Wealthy Affiliate is that is free to check out with its $0 Starter Membership. You’ll have a 7-day free trial that gives you full access to everything in Wealthy Affiliate and after the trial ends, you can remain a free member for as long as you like and you’ll have 2 free websites and access to the first 10 lessons.

Another great thing about that is you’ll never be asked to put in a credit card unless you’re ready to upgrade to the premium membership. If you’re ready to change your 9 to 5 lifestyle for something better, then give Wealthy Affiliate a try for free and check out all what it has to offer during your 7-day free trial. If you’re still on the fence about and what to read a more in-depth review, click the link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate. I would love to see you there!

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