How To Sell Laptops Online

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It’s time for another round of my series where I take a look at a specific niche and see if it can be a profitable online business for you or if you should look elsewhere. Today I’m going to take a look at how to sell laptops online. I have already taken a look at selling desktops online, so this will be very similar to that one.

I’ll be taking a look at some of the different prices that laptops are selling for, what kind of questions people are asking online when it comes to laptops, how to make money in the laptop niche, how you’ll start building an online business in this niche, and where you can learn to build a business in Affiliate Marketing.

Selling Laptops

The type of computer I tend to use the most is a desktop computer as I just like to get home from work and then head to my room and turn on my desktop tower and start browsing the internet. Even though I use a desktop more than any other device (save for maybe for my smartphone), I do also have a laptop computer.

Let’s face it, you can’t really carry around a desktop especially when you’re traveling or are elsewhere where you can’t access your home computer. I went on a little vacation last month and took my laptop with me which was really nice because when I was at my hotel, I could just connect to their Wi-Fi or even connect to my mobile hotspot and do what I needed to do there.

Laptops are extremely popular today especially since they are very easy to take with you almost anywhere. There are laptop computers for all kinds of needs such as mainly for office type of work to gaming laptops. I’ve never had a gaming laptop, but I can tell you that they are probably the most expensive kind to get considering you need to have the best of the best on the inside in order to get the maximum effects out of today’s games.

If the laptop niche is one you’re passionate about, you might want to narrow it down a little more and focus on maybe something more specific such as gaming laptops or maybe a specific brand of laptops, kind of similar to what I talked about when it came to desktop computers.

Once you narrow it done, you’ll want to see what kind of questions people are asking online in your particular niche and that’s what we’ll take a look at next.

What Questions Are People Asking Regarding Laptops?

It’s very important to research your niche online because you want to cater to your target audience which would be those with problems and questions regarding laptops. If it seems like it would be difficult to find where people are asking those questions, I can assure you, it’s not.

First off, one of the best places online to go to in order to see what people are asking in any given niche, is a place called Answer The Public. I’ve talked about Answer The Public many times, but it’s just such a great place to see what people are asking.

Laptop Questions

All you need to do is type in the search bar on the homepage, your niche and then hit enter. What will come up next after a few seconds or so, are a number of different questions people are asking. It will come up in a sort of wheel. You can see questions in this wheel such as how are laptops assembled? What laptops are good for gaming? What laptops are good for college? Which laptops come with Microsoft Office? Can laptops overheat? Are laptops covered in house insurance?

There are many more questions as there were a total of 79 that came up. This is also a great place to come up with content ideas for your website should you choose to go this route.

Another great place to go to for questions is the website known as Quora. You can answer questions directly at this website and the beauty of it is, you can direct those answers to your website where you’ll have a more detailed blog and doing it this way will give you targeted traffic which is what you want.

Believe it or not, another good place to see what people are searching for when it comes to laptops is Google. You’ll use what’s called the alphabet soup technique. All you’ll do is type in laptops in the search bar, hit space and then type in a for the first letter of the alphabet. What will happen next is a drop down list will appear of what people are searching for in Google for laptops and anything associated with it that starts with whatever letter you put in. An example of this would laptops at Amazon Prime which is what came up after I typed in what I said above.

You can also type in a letter of the alphabet before laptops and what came up when I did that were best laptops, b tech laptops, best laptops of 2020 and more. As you can see, these are some of the easiest and best ways to find what people are asking in any given niche and anyone can do this. Now, the next question, will the laptop niche be profitable?

How To Tell If Laptops Will Be Profitable

If you want to see what laptops are selling for, just type in laptops in Google’s Search Engine and hit enter. What you’ll see next is either a series of ads at the very top or to the side. A number of different ads popped up for me at the top of the page that are all different prices.

There are couple of Microsoft Surface laptops going for over$1,000 and $2,000. Some ads have laptops for sale from Dell, Best Buy, and Walmart. This is where you can see what they are selling for and to see what kind of reviews they have for each product.

You can also go to sites such as Amazon, Dell, Best Buy, Newegg, or TigerDirect to see what laptops are selling for there. I would say laptops can be considered high ticket items because some do sell for well into the thousands and can be a lucrative niche to get into. The higher the prices are for a product, the more you have the potential to make in that niche.

It’s very important to help people first and foremost because you want to show them you’re knowledgeable in any given niche. You want to help solve their problems because if you can do that, then they will trust you and be willing to purchase something that you recommend that would be of great benefit to them.

Laptop money

Now you might be wondering how you can make money from the sale of laptops. Well, there are many companies out there that offer what’s called affiliate programs which allows you to promote products from that company, on your site through the use of what’s called affiliate links which are direct links to that company’s products. If someone clicks on that link through your site and purchases the product, you’ll earn a percentage or commission from that sale.

How much you’ll earn from a sale all depends on the company and what percentage of that sale they’ll allow you to have. I know I’ve talked about Amazon a lot in some of my other articles in this series, but other companies do have their own affiliate programs such as Best Buy, Newegg, and Dell, just name a few.

You can find affiliate programs in any given niche just by going to Google and typing in your niche + affiliate program. You should have a number of different ones pop up on the first page. Lenovo, which is a major computer maker, has an affiliate program where you can earn up to 5% commission. There’s one called Diesel Laptops which offers a 15% commission rate. You’ll just have to do some research and find which one is right for you. Now it’s time to take a look at what all needs to be done to start making some money in the laptop niche.

What Needs To Be Done To Start Earning Money

The best way to start a business in the laptop niche is to have your own website. If that seems like a daunting task, I will tell you that it’s not. The first thing you need to do is to create a domain name which would be something like You’ll have to see if that’s available at domain sites such as If it is, it only costs around $13.99 for one year.

The next thing you’ll need to do is have access to a website editor so that you can begin building your website. A lot of domain name sites do have access to or point you in the right direction for a website editor. WordPress is probably the most recognized website editor out there. You’ll have access to thousands of website themes and plugins and it makes it very easy to put your website together. You don’t need to know any kind of coding for that as it’s automatically done in the background.

What you’ll need after that is a tool that will help you find content that will get ranked in the search engines, primarily on the first page as that’s where most of the free traffic will come from. You’ll also need a place that will teach you how to set up the foundation of your website properly and get you going on creating a successful online business in any niche that you so desire.

Fortunately, there is just such as a place that has all the training and the tools necessary to help you build an Affiliate Marketing business and that’s what I’ll talk about next.

Learn How To Build A Profitable Online Business

I know I’ve talked about Wealthy Affiliate a lot in other articles of this series, but there’s a reason that I do it. It really does have the best training I’ve seen anywhere online if you’re looking to get started in creating an Affiliate Marketing business. They have all the tools necessary for you to get started and become successful such as a great writing tool that will help you put together content for your website and a great keyword tool which is necessary for you to get your content ranked.

The training is laid out really well such as where to get started and tasks for you to complete so that you understand what is taught and you can start putting things together. There’s also tons of other training that many members have created over the years such as how to use social media to gain traffic, how you can leverage YouTube or create your own videos, other ways to search for affiliate programs, and so much more.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most helpful communities online so if you’re ever needing help with something, don’t hesitate to ask a question as you’ll get an answer and even sometimes from the founders themselves! There are lots of successful members there and so they want to ensure that you’re successful as well.

There are also live, weekly video classes on all sorts of topics such as how to use the keyword tool to its maximum, how to go about choosing a niche, how to get started in email marketing, how best to add images to your site and a lot more. Don’t just take my word for it though, go and read my review and then sign up as it’s free to try out.

You can always remain a free member if you so desire as you’ll always have access to the first ten lessons and a website of your own creation. I think you’ll want to sign up to the premium version once you see everything for yourself and how it can help you towards eventual financial freedom to where you don’t have to rely on a 9 to 5 job for income. Feel free to post your thoughts/comments below.