How To Sell Desktop Computers

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I’m back with another article in my series of looking at different niches and seeing if they can be a profitable Affiliate Marketing business you can get into. Last time, I talked about how to sell headphones online. I talked about regarding having a business in the headphones niche such as the problems needing to be solved in that niche, how to tell if it will be a profitable venture, what you need to do to start earning money, and more.

Well today we’re going to take a look at how to sell desktop computers. I will be covering some of the very same things that I did with headphones, but how it will work when it comes to selling desktop computers online. I’ll be looking at things such as much they are generally selling for online, and where you need to go to learn to build a profitable online business in the desktop computer niche.

Selling Desktop Computers

Desktop computers have been around for quite a long time, going back clear to the 1980s when Apple first introduced the Macintosh (I believe I was around 4 when it was first introduced). Well they have certainly changed over the years and have gotten so much better and faster than what they were in the past. A lot of them have fast computing power as well as great graphical capabilities with the right hardware.

There are different brands of desktop computers and different types of desktops as well. For example, there are desktops that are now made without the use of what’c called a tower or PC tower. You can have it all built into one as part of the computer monitor these days.

There are also gaming computers which can get quite expensive if you want the best graphical quality from the video games that are played today. A lot of people prefer gaming PCs rather than home video game consoles because you can always upgrade a PC when newer technology comes out such as better graphics cards or more RAM.

It’s also gotten a lot easier today to build your own desktop computer if you don’t want a pre-built one. There are websites that sell individual computer parts such as the tower, fan, graphics card, RAM memory, motherboards, processors, and more. There are a lot of possibilities with desktop computers and they still sell decently even considering the competition from laptops and tablets.

Computer Prices

One thing you want to consider if you decide that you want to get into this niche, are what kind of questions people are asking or needing help with for desktop computers. You want to gain their trust by solving their problems and if you know the ins and outs of desktop computers, you’re well on your way to having a thriving online business.

What Problems Need Solving In The Desktop Computer Niche?

Trying to figure out what people are having problems with when it comes to desktops, can seem like a very daunting task. Don’t worry though, it’s much easier than you think. There are ways to research online in order to find what people are asking about desktop computers.

There’s a site online called answer the public that is designed to find out what kind of questions people are asking online in any particular niche or topic. It is completely free to use although you have a limited number of uses each day. There is a pro version that you can upgrade to, but you really don’t need to worry about upgrading if you’re just starting out.

Questions regarding are particular topic are asked through what, how, where, why, which. etc. All you need to do when you first arrive to the page is just type in the search bar the topic you want to see questions being asked for and then hit enter. What comes up next is a kind of wheel of all sorts of questions for a niche.

In this case, questions for desktop computers come up such as which desktop computers are the best? How do desktop computers work? How to compare desktop computers? Will desktop computers become obsolete? What desktop computers are good for gaming? Can desktop computers have wireless internet? These are just some of the questions you can find at Answer The Public.

Another great way to find topics or what people are searching for is to head over to Google. You can use what’s called the alphabet soup technique and what this means is that you type in the topic of your niche, then hit the space bar and then type a letter of the alphabet. A drop down list will appear and it will have your topic or niche followed by other words that start with whatever letter you typed in. For example, there’s desktop computers by dell, desktop computers best deals, desktop computer brands, desktop computers consumer reports, desktop computer dual monitors, etc. You just go on down the alphabet to find different things people are searching for when it comes to desktops.

Computer Questions

Something I haven’t hit on much, but is another great way to keep up with the latest information in this niche is to set up what’s called Google Alerts. What this does is that Google will notify you via email whenever something new is added to Google’s search engine regarding a particular topic which of course is desktops in this case. You can create as many alerts as you like and set the frequency of when you want to be alerted. If you’re ever having trouble trying to create new content for a website in your niche, this is a very beneficial tool to help with that. Now it’s time to see if you can make money in the desktop computers niche.

How To Tell If Will Be Profitable

The first thing you want to do in order to see if the desktop computers niche, or any niche, will be profitable is to see how much computers are selling for. You can go straight to Google to get a good idea of this. You just to type in desktop computers in the search bar and hit enter and then a list of ads will be at the very top.

These ads will show you how much different types of desktops are selling for as well as where they are being sold at online. There’s a Dell that is going for $389 and an HP all in one desktop PC going for $799 at Sam’s Club. I see another ad for a dell business tower desktop that is going for $1089.

You can also go over to Amazon and see how much desktop computers are selling for over there and also see which ones are the top sellers. There’s a gaming PC by HP called Omen that’s selling for nearly $2,000! As you can see, desktop computers sell for really good prices and the higher priced they are, the more you can potentially make.

Now in order for you to make money in the desktop computers niche, you need to join what’s called an affiliate program. This is something that a company offers where you can sign up and promote the products that they sell as they will give you links that can be posted on your website.

If someone clicks on that link and purchases a computer (or any product from any niche), you’ll get a percentage of that sale. How much money you’ll get all depends on the company and the percentage of the sale they determine for each of their products being sold.

Amazon does have their affiliate program known as Amazon Associates. It is free to sign up and once you’re accepted, you’ll get to promote most of their products on your website. I know their commission rate is anywhere from 1% to 8% and it usually depends on the product being sold.

Affiliate Programs

The really nice thing about promoting products for a company on your site is that you don’t have to worry about customer service, returns, shipping, etc. All that is handled by the company, you just get to promote products and earn commissions if anyone purchases a product from your link. That is what makes Affiliate Marketing so attractive and why many companies offer affiliate programs.

In order to find an affiliate program that you feel works best for you, you just head back on over to Google and type desktop computers + affiliate program. What comes up is a list of different affiliate programs from different companies. There’s one I found called that has an affiliate program and it looks like they mainly sell gaming desktops which is really good. Their commission rate 3% to 4%.

I know to a lot of people, a 3% to 4% commission rate does not seem like much, but when it comes to gaming desktops, you’ll be surprised how much you can really earn since these are usually very high priced computers. Let’s say there’s a gaming PC there that is selling for $2500. You take that times 4% and it comes out to $100. Let’s just say you start getting a good amount of traffic each month, say about 75,500 views, and you have a particular article that targets or reviews that $2500 desktop gaming PC. I’ll say that out of those 75,500 views of that article, only 250 of those people take action and decide to purchase that PC through your link. 260 X $100 comes to $26,000 that you made for that month. Think about that for a minute! You got a tiny fraction of the amount of people that viewed your article for that month and decided they wanted to purchase that product and you made a nice chunk of change for that month. That’s the beauty of Affliate Marketing!

Now this is NOT a guarantee that’s exactly what you’ll make as it depends on a number of factors, but the potential is definitely there for you to do that and there are others who have been in Affiliate Marketing for a while and are definitely making that kind of money and more in some cases.

If this sounds exciting to you and it’s definitely a niche you’d like to get into, then keep reading as I’ll tell you what you need to do to start building a business in that niche.

What You Need To Do TO Start Earning Money

The best way to be successful in Affiliate Marketing is to have a website as that is like owning a piece of real estate online. You can (for the most part) post or blog whatever you want to online to try to build an audience. Remember though, you’re trying to help people first and foremost. If you help people and gain their trust, they will be willing to buy from you because you have a lot of knowledge in your niche.

First thing that needs to be done is find a domain name for a potential website. A domain name is the address or url for your website. You can go to places like to see if a domain name is available that fits your niche such as Not all of the potential ideas for a domain name will be available, but you just have to have a list and go down it until you find something that works.

Registering a domain name does cost money, but it isn’t a lot they usually cost around $13.99 a year which is easily doable for most people.

After you register, than you need a website editor to build your website. Website creation these days is very easy and you don’t need to know any type of coding to build a website. One of the best website editors out there is called WordPress as it makes website building simple, all you have to do is choose a theme and then write articles and ad them to the website.

So then the question becomes how do you put all of this together to get a website ranked in the search engines and people coming to your website? There’s a great place online that teaches you how to do exactly that and I’ll go over that next.

Wealthy Affiliate Can Teach You

If you really want to build an Affiliate Marketing Business in whatever niche you choose or you’re passionate about, there’s a place that teaches you how to do all of that and then some.

Wealthy Affiliate is what it’s called and in my opinion, it is probably the best place online to learn how to build an Affiliate Marketing business. It has so much training, and training that is updated which is very important. Plus you have such a great community who is always willing to help as well as the founders of Wealthy Affiliate so if you’re ever stuck on something, you should always be able to get help.

There are also live weekly video classes that are absolutely amazing and just helps you to make your online business even better. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t have to build a business promoting that program although it is definitely an option. You get to build an online business of your desire. The thing to keep in mind is that you won’t get rich instantly and it is going to take work in order to be successful, but the more you work on it, the greater the likelihood you’ll start seeing success sooner.

Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is free to join and try out. While there are two memberships, the starter membership is the free one and you have full access to everything inside Wealthy Affiliate for seven days. After that, you have access to the first 10 lessons as well as one website of your own creation and you can remain a starter for as long as you like.

I could keep going on about Wealthy Affiliate, but you pretty much get the idea. If you want to know more about it, check out my review by clicking the link below and then go ahead and sign up. I think once you see what it fully offers, you’ll be glad that you signed up. Feel free to post comments below.

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