How Much Can You Make With Survey Junkie? My Review

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Survey Junkie
Name: Survey Junkie


Price: Free
Owners: N/A
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

Survey Junkie Overview

I’m going to review another survey site and see if it’s worth your time and how you much you can potentially earn. You may have heard about this particular site before as this is one of the more well-known survey sites. The question that you and many others may have is how much money can you make with Survey Junkie? Is it worth your time or is it just like all the other survey sites where you give them a try only to be rejected? Read on to find out!

Survey junkie only deals with surveys, unlike some of the other sites that I’ve reviewed such as Swagbucks where they have more than just surveys to earn points and money. Sometimes focusing on one thing can be better especially if it’s something that really makes your make money site flourish rather than multiple things that don’t always earn as much or having to sign up for offers and other things you really don’t want to, just to earn something. With all that being said, let’s take a closer look at Survey Junkie and how it works.

The Sign-Up Process

Survey Junkie is free to join and the sign-up process is pretty easy. On their home page, you just click the “Join Now” button and then you have a few different ways you can sign up and create an account.

Another way that you can sign up for Survey Junkie is through your Facebook account. If you lick the Facebook button, you just need to make sure you log in to your Facebook account and then Survey Junkie will have access to your account as well as your personal information that’s on there such as your name and date of birth. You may still have to provide your email address.

The final option you have available to join is through your Google account. Very similar process to Facebook, you just have to make sure you sign in to your Google account. Your information should be readily available from that account so that site can update it with your personal information. Once that is all done and your account is verified through email, you are good to go! I personally just signed up using my email address and name as I didn’t want to go through either account. Now it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of Survey Junkie!

The Surveys

After your account is fully set up, you’re pretty much ready to take the surveys although I do need to mention some things first. If you want to have available to you the surveys you’re least likely to get rejected from (there’s still no guarantee that it won’t happen), you’ll want to complete your profile.

Finished Survey

This is very similar to the one I talked about when I reviewed Crowdology. There are different sections you’ll want to complete such as technology, entertainment, health, home, etc. This will help you in the long run to get more surveys your way that you’ll hopefully get qualified for. You still have a chance of getting rejected from them, but at least this will increase the odds of you being fully accepted for one.

Something else I wanted to mention also is that Survey Junkie does give you the chance to do a few other things besides just regular surveys if you want to earn more. Don’t get me wrong, surveys is the site’s biggest focus by far, but if you want to try some other things, you certainly can. Some of the things do offer are phone surveys, focus groups, trials and free products to try out and review, and health related opportunities. I said no to all of these for the time being as I don’t have the time to do all of those things and would rather just focus on the surveys for now.

The surveys do vary in length and some offer more rewards than others. They do usually have a good number of surveys available to take and they are always getting updated with more surveys to try out so there should definitely be no shortage of surveys you can try out for. Next up, I will talk about how you’re rewarded.

Earning Money At Survey Junkie

The way to earn money at Survey Junkie is by earning points. It’s kind of similar to Swagbucks, but here you at least know what they are worth and what it takes to redeem them. The threshold seems to be much lower here and it really won’t take you too terribly long to meet that threshold.

Each point is worth a penny and every 100 points is worth $1.00. You have to reach $5.00 before you cash out. You do get some points just for signing up as well as completing each section of your profile so that you can be paired with the best surveys.

Now here is what I like about Survey Junkie and why I think it’s better than most other survey sites. A number of survey sites allow you to try out for surveys, but a big chunk of them you’ll end up getting rejected from because you just don’t meet their qualifications and sometimes you can spend a decent amount of time trying to complete it and then suddenly get rejected. This can be frustrating because you spent all that time trying to complete the survey only to say you don’t qualify and then don’t get anything for wasting that time.

Didn't Qualifu

At Survey Junkie, you WILL get compensated for being rejected from a survey. Now it won’t be a lot, but it’s at least something. You’ll end up getting 3 points if you’re not qualified for taking a survey. I know that might not seem like a lot, but it’s better than nothing and as I said earlier, those can add up, especially if you end up getting rejected from a lot of surveys that you try out.

Is Survey Junkie A Scam?

Survey Junkie is definitely not a scam and you’ll get rewarded for taking and completing surveys and even surveys that you don’t qualify for. It does have a low threshold for the points that you can accumulate and you can either send the cash to your PayPal account or you can redeem them for gift cards. Remember, you just have to meet the $5.00 threshold before you can cash out. I haven’t been a part of a Survey Junkie for very long and I’m very close now to meeting the threshold.

With that being said, how much can you make with Survey Junkie? That all depends on how often you visit the site and complete surveys especially surveys for which you qualify for. I will tell you though, you won’t make hundreds of dollars a day or even a month as it’s not a site designed to make a long term income, especially an income that can replace a tradtional day job.

They don’t even have a referral system so you are at the mercy of making money from surveys or from a few of the other things that are offered to earn points/money from. Survey Junkie is good for earning some money for maybe a dinner at a  restaurant each month or maybe saving up to help pay for a bill, basically, some smaller amount of money for the short term.

If you want to make money in the long term, one that can truly allow you to work from home, then read my number one recommendation for that as it will be well worth your time and it is free to sign up. Check out my video below for a more visual overview of Survey Junkie and then feel free to post your comments especially if you have an experience with this particular survey site. Always check back for more of my reviews and experiences with make money sites!