Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas: Choosing Your Niche

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Well folks, we are moving right along in this case study of building an affiliate marketing business from scratch through the training at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been going through the Online Entreprenuer Certification which teaches you how to build an online business in a niche of your choosing. In my last article, I took a look at the first two lessons that basically welcomed you to Wealthy Affiliate and show cased the method in which you’ll be making money in an online business which is affiliate marketing. Today we’ll be taking a look at affiliate marketing ideas and how best to choose your niche.

A lot of people tend to get hung up at this stage because they think that they have to choose the absolute most perfect niche that will make them the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Don’t choose a niche solely on the basis of the amount of money you can make because if it’s a niche that you’re not very knowledgeable in and don’t want to put in the time to research it so that you can better understand it and the problems people are having in that niche, it’s going to be much harder for you to push ahead in your online business and make it more likely that you’ll want to quit.

In Lesson 3, we’re going to be taking a look at the best ways to choose a niche that’s for you. Kyle created a nearly 5 minute walk through video on just how to do that and he will tell you that choosing a niche that you’re knowledgeable in and always continuously learning more about will help you out immensely as you grow your online business.

Lesson 3: Choosing Your Niche

Around the end of the previous article, I talked about how we’re going to be taking a look at how to choose a niche that’s right for you. I also mentioned that as I show case how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch, that I’ve already got a niche chosen that I will be building an online business around and I will unveil what that niche is.

When choosing a niche, you want to choose something that you know a lot about are very passionate about. This will make it a lot easier to build your online business around. Don’t just choose a niche based solely on the money. As you go through the training and watch the walk through video, you’ll see that Kyle will say that ALL niches are profitable because of the fact that there are at least 5.25 billion people online.

Something else that’s also mentioned is that if you choose a broad niche, you’ll want to break that down into a sub-niche as that will be easier to rank for on the search engines. What I mean by that is that say you choose exercise. You could break that down even further and choose a specific exercise that you know a lot about like say jogging, aerobics, bodybuilding, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great niche research tool that’s powered by AI that will help you immensely in finding a niche or breaking down a niche into something more specific. You’ll have access to as a free starter member for 7 days and if you’re a premium member, you’ll have 50 searches of it available to you each month. It is definitely a handy tool and a fairly new one that’s been introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate's Niche Finder

I’m going to reveal the niche I’ve chosen and why. For this case study, I’ve decided to focus on the cryptocurrency niche. I guess you could say it might be part of the overall investing niche, but I do have some experience with the cryptocurrency niche and I want to share that with the world. It’s a relatively young niche even though it has been around for at least a decade or so and it can be a great thing to invest in, but with a lack of regulatory clarity (that is changing), and scams running rampant through this niche, it can be very difficult to understand the ins and outs of it and to keep yourself from becoming a victim of the many cryptocurrency scams out there.

It is great that Wealthy Affiliate offers a niche research tool powered by AI to help you find the niche that’s right for you, but there are other avenues you can use for researching different niches. Using these in combination with what’s here at Wealthy Affiliate will help you out immensely.

More Niche Research Methods

Google is the number one search engine out there and it’s number one for a reason. People search for millions of things every single day on Google and if you want to know what people are searching for or what the latest trends are according to Google, you must definitely use its search engine.

There are ways to research a niche on the search engine and one of the big methods of doing so is the alphabet soup technique and this will also help you come up with content for your website. Don’t worry, as we get deeper into the training, it will explain exactly what the alphabet soup technique is and how to use it on Google’s search engine.

Another great place to check out is what’s called I’ve mentioned this in some of my previous articles, but it is an amazing place to research any niche. What answer the public does is you type in a niche or sub-niche and hit enter and then a wheel will appear of the most common questions and problems people are having in a specific niche. This is going to be very beneficial to you because if you’ve chosen a niche, you’ll have a resource to see what people are asking in that niche. If you can answer those questions with your content, you’re going to do very well.

Answer The Public

Now let’s say you really want to start promoting products from Amazon (which you can absolutely do with their Affiliate Program or other business methods) and you really like the electronics that are sold there, you can see what the most popular electronics are at Amazon and that are selling really well and you can do that for almost any category there.

One last place I want to talk about is a site called Quora. It’s a site where people ask questions and people will answer them. There are so many questions and topics that people ask questions about at that site that you an easily find what the most popular questions are in your niche.

Thinking Outside the Box

I know trying to choose a niche that is just right for you can sometimes be difficult as you might have all sorts of things running through your mind such as making sure you’ll be able to come up with enough content to keep readers interested, finding the right products in a niche that you can review or give your opinion on and of course wondering if focusing on a certain niche will make you any money.

The best approach to choosing a niche is to instead think about how you can help people and how best to reach them. This is where thinking outside the box sometimes does come in handy. It will mean getting outside of your comfort zone and maybe thinking about things or researching things that you might not have thought of before.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I never really dreamed of having my own YouTube channel. I now have two of them, one dedicated to each website that I own though one is more active than the other and even has more subscribers. I thought it was so hard to create any kind of video and you needed extensive hardware or electronics to do it, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I found out that it really isn’t that hard at all and you don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to!

Another thing you can do is research a niche in social media. See what people are talking about there and even look for groups in Facebook that are centered around a niche that you are researching. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find there and more importantly, you’ll see what people are asking questions about in some of these groups in a specific niche. Once you start to see how easy it is to do research and find different ideas when concerning a niche, you’ll start to do it more often. Now let’s take a closer look at building a website around a chosen niche.

Building a Website around your Niche

This part is very essential to your success at Wealthy Affiliate. Building your own website in whatever niche you choose is akin to having your piece of online real estate and you can put whatever you want on it, but I would make sure that it is related to whatever niche you’ve chosen.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to teach you exactly how to build out your website by adding content, but more importantly, content that is going to lead to high rankings in the search engines, especially Google. Yahoo and Bing are two other ones that you’ll want to have rankings for as well.

In order to get your content ranked, you’ll want to focus or center your posts around keywords. That might sound like a difficult thing as you might be thinking that competition is high when trying to rank for certain keywords, but you’ll have access to a great keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate and they will teach you how to find keywords that will make it easier and quicker for your content to rank.

Website Themes

As far as this case study goes, I’m in the process of choosing a name for my website which will closely resemble the domain name for my website and I’ll choose a theme as well. There are many themes to choose from and if you don’t like the one that you initially chose, you can always change it later on down the road as I’ve done that with a website before. Since my focus will be on the cryptocurrency niche, I will choose a theme that in my opinion will be a good fit for that niche or how I’d like to build out a website focused around crypto.

One more thing that I do want to mention before I continue to move forward in this case study. Even though I’m focusing on cryptocurrency and have some experience with it, I am by no means a financial adviser so if you decide to do anything crypto, that is at your own risk is at is a very volatile market or asset class right now. This site is meant to share some of my experiences with crypto and taking a closer look at some of the crypto that’s out there and are up and coming as well.

There’s so much hype around some of the crypto and I’m sure if you have done research on it, especially look at videos on YouTube about it, you’ll see so many videos saying this crypto is about to explode in value or that you need to buy certain crypto now otherwise it’ll increase in value so fast you won’t have a chance at it, etc. The truth is, NO ONE fully knows which crypto will rapidly increase value or when it will tank, BUT if proper research is done it can help you decide which one might be beneficial for you.

What’s to Come

Now that we understand how to research affiliate marketing niche ideas that will be beneficial to you should you move forward with creating an online affiliate marketing business, it’s time to see what’s in store as I move forward with building an online business that you can see.

We are now moving on to exciting things! We’ll be taking a look at the last lesson in this course in which Kyle gives you a realistic projection of how an online business of your creation could like with consistent work on it. With persistence, he’ll show you what can happen 1 month from now, 3 months from now, 6 months from now and even further ahead such as a year, two years down the road and the potential for five years.

I believe that this is extremely important because by showing you what can happen with consistent effort and learning, you can see that results will happen and I can’t stress this enough. I am going to be very truthful here and put myself even more in the spotlight. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for at least 8 years now and I’ve learned a lot of things from it, and I have made money from what was taught and getting outside of my comfort zone, BUT I am by no means rolling in the dough, out of debt, reached my financial goals, quit my job (multiple jobs in my case), etc or taking the vacations I dreamed of and I will be brutally honest as to why.

I have NOT been consistent with my efforts here. I would get into a little bit of a consistent pattern and then when I started to see just a little bit of results, I would ease off the gas, get distracted, focus on other things, eventually come back, start working on it again, see a little bit more results, ease off the gas again, get distracted, focus on other things and pretty much repeat the cycle. I eventually lost interest in my first website because I started losing interest in the first niche I chose which had to do with the video game niche. It happens, you can always choose something else later on and I created my second website focused on the make money niche where I actually made more than I did with my video game site. Again though, I have not always been consistent with it and it takes a lot longer to reach my goals.

Success stories at Wealthy Affiliate

The point I’m making is not that you can’t reach financial your goals or that you won’t be successful with creating an online business here, but I can’t stress this enough, you have to treat this as a business and not a hobby that you casually dable in from time to time. If you had a traditional business where you were in a building and started making some money and suddenly decided, “Well, this does work, but I don’t need to focus on it as much so I’ll go and do other things”, do you think your traditional business is going to succeed? NO! Because if you are not there most of the time, your customers are going to notice and not come to your store, you’ll lose money and your bills from that traditional store and building will start to pile up.

If you don’t focus on expanding your business it isn’t going to go anywhere. If you just dabble with it here and there, sure you’ll see some results from those efforts, but you may not reach the goals you set out for yourself or it’ll take much longer to get there. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to work on your online business in a very consistent manner because the founders want to see you succeed.

There are lots of success stories here at Wealthy Affiliate and they pretty much all say the same thing. The people who have reached success will tell you that it didn’t happen it overnight, that they had to work hard it, that they encountered difficulties, asked for help when they needed, followed the training, and most importantly, stayed consistent when they felt like giving up at times. This is what I want to show you, what can be done with consistent efforts and as we move forward, you’re going to see the ins and outs of building out a website in an affiliate marketing business.