Creating A Website In Wealthy Affiliate: The First Page

It’s time to move forward with my case study where I create an affiliate marketing business from scratch by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate. In my previous post, I talked about the new website creator tools that are within the new HUBS platform. I talked about the new core training that is in HUBS as well as the new tools you’ll be using especially the new AI tools such as the new AI article creator that will cut down the time dramatically it takes to create a keyword rich blog post. In this post, I’ll be talking about creating a website in Wealthy Affiliate, specifically, creating the first page in the new site.

Creating a website and pages within it can be intimidating to some people because they think that it has to look and be absolutely perfect when compared to other websites out there. This is not the case, what’s important is that your traffic is interested in your helpful content and Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create helpful content starting with the creation of the first page within your website.