Create A Website Fast: New WA Tools & Training

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Wealthy Affiliate just had probably its biggest update in many years and it is a shocker, but also amazing! There are brand new tools as well as training that have now become available and you can take part in it. Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate added these new tools and training towards the end of 2023 and more will be added here in 2024.

What will these new tools and training allow someone to do? Well, you’ll able to create a website fast, faster than what’s been done before here at WA. You’ll able to build out your affiliate marketing business faster as well and there’s brand new training that will teach you exactly how to do that, in fact, it will soon become the core training and replace what was before such as Affiliate Boot Camp. I will go over what the training and tools are next.

What is Hubs?

Hubs is the newest platform within Wealthy Affiliate that is geared towards creating an online affiliate marketing business faster than what was done before uses new AI tools to help you get it done faster. I don’t know of any other place online at the moment making great use of AI to help you create a thriving online business.

Within Hubs, you’ll get immediate access to your own website, come up with an effective blueprint of your website that will be geared towards getting you traffic, content and keyword research through the use of Jaaxy, and AI tells that will help with all of that especially with coming with helpful content that your readers will want to check out.

Another great aspect of Hubs is that there is brand new core training that will teach you how to use HUB effectively so that you can reach success even faster than before. The old core training that has been a staple of Wealthy Affiliate for years, which is the Online Entrepreneur Certification, and Affiliate Bootcamp, is going away. That’s not to say that those trainings were bad in any way, but with the way the online world is moving especially with the use of AI, the Wealthy Affiliate founders felt that’s it’s needed to keep up with the times and fully embrace this newer technology to help entrepreneurs build an affiliate marketing business.

I’m doing a video case study on this on my YouTube Channel, Wealthy Relief, so you can check out my progress as I progress through the new HUBS platform. I’m glad that there is brand new, up-to-date training as you’ll now be at the forefront of great content creation for your website. Let’s now take a closer look at some of new training here within HUBS.

New Training

The training within the HUBS platform started being added to it back in the December and now the final pieces of this new core training have been added, hence the reason the original core training at Wealthy Affiliate is being taken away. Don’t worry, this new training is even better and up to date and even easier to follow.

There are three different sections of the new core training in HUBS which are titled Laying the Groundwork for Your Business, Growth: Building Rankings and Momentum In Your Business, and Make Money, Social Media, and Getting Ready To Scale. I’ll be taking a look at each one of these, but I’m also currently going through this new training myself to make sure I fully understand this new and exciting of crafting an Affiliate Marketing business here within WA.

The first section, Laying The Groundwork for Your Business, is definitely essential as here you’ll be learning how to set up the foundations of your business. In this training, Kyle will teach you things such as the first steps with your new business, launching your own brand, learning how to do keyword research within the keyword tool known as Jaaxy, creating relevant content that will get you ranked in the search engines, creating images with the use of AI, and optimising the design and user experience for your readers/traffic.

Core Training

Next up we have Growth: Building Rankings and Momentum in Your Business. This particular section teaches you how to get your website set up for SEO, which if you don’t know, stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is very important as this is where the bulk of your traffic is going to come from. You’ll learn how to get your site SEO compliant to where the search engines will love your site. From there, you’ll learn how to harness website speed for better user engagement, Integrating AI into your online business such as the use of ChatGPT and Google Bard, and perfecting on page SEO elements. This is section of training is huge since it involves setting up your website to receive free traffic.

Last, but not least is the final section and it’s a big one as it deals with making money, social media, and getting ready to scale your business. Once you have all the foundations set up from the previous training of the new core training, this is where all your focus will be when moving forward with your business. After all, you want to scale it up and ultimately bring in revenue from your website and this where you’ll learn how to do exactly that.

You’ll get a full introduction to affiliate marketing, how to use affiliate links and disclaimers, how to utilise social media, and scaling up your business as I mentioned above. Since this is all brand new core training, I haven’t gone through it fully yet, but rest assured, if you follow my YouTube Channel, Wealthy Relief, you’ll see the case study that I’m doing where I will go through this new core training as I build out an affiliate marketing website through Wealthy Affiliate. Now let’s take a closer look at how Wealthy Affiliate uses AI to enhance your business.

Using AI

AI or artificial intelligence as it is known, is booming in today’s world and with increased use of Chat GPT, Google Bard, and others, if you’re not using one of these AI systems to enhance your business (correctly), you’re missing out and will be left behind.

Wealthy Affiliate has realized this and seen how the use of AI tools can greatly increase the efficiency of your business as well as create content faster as well. With the new training and tools here at WA, you’ll be able to utilize AI to add posts and scale your website faster than ever.

The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that the new tools that are available to Premium and Premium + members, will help ensure your success because of AI! The content creator is now tailored to help you come up with a new article quickly and you can make any changes to it as well, which is highly recommended as you want it to sound like you instead of a fully AI created article. It’s important to remember that is best used as a tool to help you along. The search engines will be able to tell the difference between content that is fully AI created and content that is not and will hurt your rankings.

Something I do want to mention is that you are limited in the amount of AI you can use to help you create an article. Wealthy Affiliate gives you a certain amount of what’s called AI word credit balance. These are the amount of words that you’ll be able to use in order for AI to help you generate content.

Artificial Intelligence

When you go to write an article using the new Article Designer (it replaced the content writer platform), there will be three sections you can use to generate an article. The first section will allow you to choose whether it’s a blog post or page that you’re creating, choose the article topic that you’re wanting (you want to make sure it incorporates a great keyword you found), add content details (optional), choose the content length, and finally, click the create content outline button. Clicking on the create content outline button will usually cost you 100 AI word credits, but I’ve started out with 8500 word credits, so that is fine and you get your AI word credits replenished each month.

The next section will show you the content outline that you created from the previous section all based on whether you chose to create a page or blog post, the title of the article that contains keywords, and any additional details you want the AI to know in regards to creating your article.

You’ll get to see the full outline of what was created based on those inputs you put in previously and you definitely want to go over the outline to make sure that it’s the type of content you want and also add things to ensure your readers know it is you instead of just full of AI created content. I think that once you understand the intricacies of AI generated content and adding your own content to the mix, you’ll be able to find that perfect balance of developing great content that your content users will enjoy and know that is is you. This is what will help you build a website faster for your online business.

Building A Website/Business Faster

There is so much information out there and new articles and products released every day that it sometimes just becomes a daunting task trying to keep up with everything in your niche. With AI use here within Wealthy Affiliate and the use of AI outside of it (ChatGPT and Google Bard for example), you’ll be able to build a website for your online business faster than ever before.

Content is king and developing great content that your traffic will want to read is essential. As I mentioned earlier, if you are a premium or premium plus member, you’ll have a certain amount of word credits that you can use to create an AI loaded blog post or page that will contain an outline based on the input of what you want the article to be about. Based on the amount of 8500 AI word credits, I believe you can at least get 5 great and lengthy AI focused articles where you’ll be able to add your input as well which is important.

While 5 articles with the help of AI might not seem like a lot, especially considering your AI word balance isn’t replenished until the next month (you can also buy AI word credits), this is to help you create content on your own as well which is something I do know how to do thanks to the previous core training that existed here within Wealthy Affiliate.

It is essential that you learn how to create content on your own so that your website will be your own voice and Wealthy Affiliate does give you the tools to do just that outside of AI tools. Keyword research is going to be key here and you’ll have always have access to one of the best keyword research tools out there known as Jaaxy and what’s nice about the AI tools here is that they’ll help you utilize Jaaxy as well when creating content. Doing all of these things will definitely get you on the path to success.

New Path To Success

We’ve gone over a lot here, but it is essential especially with how Wealthy Affiliate is moving forward. They want all of their members to be successful and with the new HUBS platform that has brand new core training for WA, everyone has a new path to success faster than ever before.

The founders within Wealthy Affiliate are wanting to make sure that everyone has the tools necessary to make their dreams come true so that they can create an online business in affiliate marketing within whatever niche they so choose. A lot of the new tools are AI powered no so that makes it even better and faster way to reach your online business goals.

As more and more members utilize and understand new core training and the use of the HUBS platform, I think you’re going to see more and more members within Wealthy Affiliate reach success faster than they ever have, that’s not to say that before HUBS and AI, members never did reach success because there are a lot that did, but you’re going to see a whole new level of members now doing it faster than ever before.

I highly encourage you to check out my YouTube channel Wealthy Relief as I’ve got a case study series going on there where I will be showing you how I will create a website through the use of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and will now utilize the HUBS platform to make that happen. I’ve already got a niche chosen and a domain name as well and I believe even a theme chosen so now I just need to go through the training and get that all set up so people can actually see how it’s done inside Wealthy Affiliate. I also usually post one of the videos to an article such as this one so you can so it more directly outside of YouTube site itself. This is an exciting time to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I highly encourage people to give it a try as it is free to sign up and you can always upgrade whenever you feel ready to do so.

What I plan to do next is begin the process of using HUBS and the new core training on my YouTube channel because I want to show people the process of setting up an online affiliate marketing business this way. I’ve got the niche chosen and ready to build out my brand new website so definitely check back on my video channel for further updates!