Can You Make Money Selling Guitars?

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Update! Video added on April 11, 2020

Welcome to my new series where I will be talking about how anyone can make money in any niche online. My intentions here are to show people that you can earn money in a variety of different niches online and how one can get started doing just that. I will say this right now though, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme under any circumstances. While I show you how to get started down the path of earning money in any niche, you will definitely have to put in the work to make it happen and it won’t happen overnight as you have to build trust in your niche. Well without further ado, he’s the first niche I will cover.

Choosing a Niche

The best way to choose your niche is to find or think of something you’re very passionate about because it will make things a lot easier for you. Still stuck on that? Well write down on a notepad or piece of paper what exactly you enjoy and once you do that, go through the list and find which ones you enjoy the most.

Now, for the sake of argument here, let’s say you’re into music, but more specifically, you really enjoy playing the guitar and you have different types of guitars. You might be thinking “Yeah I love playing guitars and listening to them, but how in the world can I make money selling guitars online?”.

It’s actually quite simple and I will show you how to do exactly that in the next segment. You don’t need to find a supplier of guitars or guitar accessories and have a stock room for them like you would in a traditional brick and mortar business. Think about that for a moment. With a traditional brick and mortar business, you’d have to have a lot of capital because you’ll more than likely have to get a loan from a financial institution, find a building that would be suitable for your business and then purchase your inventory to sell. You’re looking at quite a bit of money right there and that’s even BEFORE your business is up and running. Depending on what your business is, it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars to get up and running.

With an online business in affiliate marketing, you won’t have to spend anywhere near that much. All that’s really needed is a domain name for a website which rarely costs more than $15 a year and a place to teach you exactly how to build up that website into a thriving online business for you. Still interested? Keep on reading.

What Problems Need Solving in This Niche?

Now as I said earlier, let’s look into the world of guitars. If you’re a music lover, this might definitely be something you’re interested in. Now guitars can actually be a broad topic so let’s see if we can narrow it down here. What are some things needed for guitars to work or sound as good as they possibly can? Where would you look for such things? How about the popular search engine Google?

Millions upon millions of people search different topics on Google every day as they are looking for answers to questions or problems that they may be facing or even wanting to see reviews about a certain product before they make a purchase. So now the question becomes, how do we figure out what people are looking for when it comes to guitars?

Questions in the guitar niche

Common questions about guitars

Well there’s a nice technique called the alphabet soup technique that can help you narrow down things for guitars. It works like this: First, you’ll want to type in guitar in the search bar of Google and then hit the space bar and type the letter A. What should happen after that is there is a little drop down list of suggestions for what people are searching for in regard to guitar or guitar related things that start with an A.

The picture below shows you exactly what I’m talking about because you’ll see from that drop down list that there’s guitar amps, guitar amp kits, guitar accessories, guitar auto tuner, etc. You can do this for any letter of the alphabet to narrow down things to search for and write about when it comes to guitars.

Now let’s go a little further. Say you’ve chosen a website that will center around guitar accessories such as guitar amps. What are some things you can write about in regard to that? Just type in guitar amps in the Google search bar and you’ll get a drop down list of the top things people are searching for on Google when it comes to guitar amps. You’ll see such things as guitar amps for sale, guitar amps with effects, guitar amps with Bluetooth, and more. You get the idea now? Let’s move on.

How To Tell If It Will Be Profitable

Ok, now let’s say you’ve chosen exactly what you want to write about when it comes to guitars. You want people to know what the best amplifiers are for a guitar and how to best use them. First thing to remember though is that you genuinely want to help people with your knowledge of amplifiers and so you want to recommend the best products in that niche and give the best possible solutions to any problems that arise in the guitar amplifier niche. As long as you remember that and are ready to recommend the best products to people, it’s time to see what the potential profit can be in that niche.

You can see a little snippet of that in Google as you might have been able to see from my picture above that had an example of the alphabet soup technique. Here’s a much clearer one below and you can see different pictures of amplifiers with different prices from different websites out there.

Guitar Amplifiers

As you can see, there are many brands of amps with different price ranges as well as different sites selling them. You can click on each one of those and it will bring you that specific site and show you that specific amplifier with all the details about it.

Another great place to see what amps are selling for is Amazon. You can type in amplifiers for acoustic guitars and you’ll get a whole range of different kinds of brands of those with different prices and many of them having reviews as well and some people that will ask questions that they want answered.

You might be excited now at what amplifiers are selling for and how you might be able to help people with your knowledge of them, but you might be wondering how exactly you can make money if you don’t have to physically have the product. That is where Affiliate Marketing comes and is what I’ll be discussing next as well as what exactly you need to be able to start earning money.

What You Need To Do To Start Earning Money

So now you have your niche which focuses on guitar amplifiers and maybe other accessories, you know what people are searching for in that niche, and you know which products work great and which ones people should stay away from. So now you’re wondering how to put all these things into place and start making money from it. As I mentioned before, this is where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

Firs thing’s first, you need a website to do that. If that frightens you because you’re worried that you’ll have to know HTML code in order to create your very own website, there’s no need to be frightened because you no longer have to know the technical aspects like that to get a website up and running.

Why do you need a website? Because you’ll want a centralized place online that people can come to in order for them to benefit from what you have to offer and help them with in regard to your niche. This is what blogging basically is and a website gives you your own virtual real estate online to do just that.

As I mentioned earlier, it costs very little to register a domain name so that you can get your website up and running. Domain name and hosting sites such as are the places to go to register a domain name. What is a domain name? It’s basically the website address you type in for an internet browser such as or for example.

Once that is done then it’s time to get things going so you’ll eventually start to earn money online. In order to start earning money in your niche, you’ll want to find an affiliate program. What an affiliate program is, is a company such as Amazon or Wal Mart who has a presence online and where you can sign up to promote their products on your website. Once you sign up and are accepted, you’ll have special links that you’ll be able to put in your blogs to specific products in your niche. If someone clicks on that link and buys that product, you’ll get a commission from that sale.

Now I can’t say how much you’ll exactly make from that because each affiliate program is different. Commission rates definitely vary and they can range from 1% to even up to 75%, but again that solely depends on the affiliate program you sign up under. I know that Amazon generally averages a 4% commission rate, but one thing to keep in mind to is that the higher the price of a particular product, the higher the commission will be for you from that. A very nice thing about Amazon and their affiliate program is that say someone clicks the link to your site for a product you’re promoting and they decide they don’t want to purchase it, but they stay on Amazon to look for something else. If they end up buying a different product especially one you weren’t promoting, you’ll still get a commission for that sale.

An easy way to find affiliate programs for guitar amps is to go on to Google and type guitar amplifiers + affiliate program and hit enter. Then you should have on the first page of Google a nice list of different affiliate programs from different companies that’s related to your niche.

Now that you know how you can earn money through your blog/website, what your niche is, what products you can promote, and what affiliate programs to sign up for, there’s one last thing that is needed for you to earn money online and this is the biggest key of all, Traffic. You need to get people to your website especially people interested in your niche in order for you to start earning money online. How exactly do you get traffic to your website? This leads me to my final segment and the most important one of all.

Learning How to Put it All of Together with Wealthy Affiliate

I’m glad you’ve made it this far, to the end basically, but the most important part of it. You now have an exact idea of how to make money online, but you don’t know how to put it all together and more importantly, how to get people to visit your website.

You need to have a place that will train you to do just that and there is a place online that gives you the absolute best training possible to put it all together and get traffic to your site/blog so that you can earn money. What is this place called? It is called Wealthy Affiliate and it will teach you exactly how to get a website up and running, how to choose the best affiliate program in your niche, what kinds of content are needed on your website, and more importantly, how to get that content ranked on the three major search engines (Google especially) so that you can get traffic and earn revenue.

Now you might be thinking “Great, another make money online program where I have to throw lots of money at it for unfulfilled promises of making thousands of dollars overnight without practically doing anything”. If that’s what you’re thinking, let me say this.

I HATE scams and there are plenty of them with so many promises of you making thousands of dollars with very little effort and just a few clicks of the mouse. I hate people being taken advantage of and I don’t people losing their hard earned money for something that doesn’t work.

I promise you, Wealthy Affiliate does NONE of those things. They do not make promises of thousands of dollars overnight or a week even. They do not throw upsell after upsell at you as soon as you join and one of the best things I like about Wealthy Affiliate if you decide to sign up as a free member to start out, they will NEVER ask you for a credit card that would automatically enroll you into their premium membership after your free trial is over. In fact, you can stay a free member as long as you like AND you have 2 free websites and lifetime access to the first 10 lessons of Wealthy Affiliate.

The founders of Wealthy Affiliate are ALWAYS active at that site and believe it or not, they will answer your questions should you have any that you want to ask or can’t get answered from anyone else there and the LARGE community at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most helpful communities I’ve ever seen online. The training is updated, and is never stagnet, new features are added to the platform to help you reach success and there is always a live training video each week that can always be replayed. If you’re still skeptical, read my review and decide for yourself, but Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 10+ years while so many scams have popped up during that time and faded away.

I want to see you succeed and I will do my very best to help make that happen should you decide to join. As I mentioned earlier, it is free to sign up and you are under no obligation to sign up for their premium membership either which is $49 a month.

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