What Is Speedly?


Name: Speedly

Website: Speedly-Live

Price: $11.97

Owners: Art & Pallab

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Speedly – An Overview

Speedly seems to be a fairly new product that is aimed at getting you increased traffic that will help you get profits in just minutes. It does have a low cost so it wouldn’t set you back very much money and if you reject it the first time, they’ll offer it at an even lower price. I’ll get to the price here in a bit.

If you decide to purchase it and go to the members’ area, you’ll see a number of modules which number 16 total. The first one is an introduction to Speedly in which one of the creators talks about why he developed this program and what he struggled with. He talks about email marketing and how it is getting harder and harder these days for subscribers to open and read the emails that you send out. (more…)