Can You Make Money Selling Flat Screen Computer Monitors?

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Welcome back to my make money series as I explore a different niche to see if it’s possible that one can earn money in. Last time I talked about if it’s possible to make money online with shoes. I showed how that niche can be broken down, what shoes are selling for online, what kind of questions are being asked about shoes, and different affiliate programs you can sign up for to receive commissions from shoe sales.

I also talked about how you can put all of this together by building a website/blog, finding good keywords to get your content ranked so you can start getting traffic to your site, registering a domain name so that you can get a website going, and more importantly, a place to go to so that you can learn exactly how to do all of these things in order to build a profitable online business in the shoe niche.

Today though I’m ready to talk about a different niche to see if that is something a person can build a profitable online business with if they’re passionate about it. Without further ado, here is the next niche I’m going to be focusing on as well as the best place online to learn how to build a profitable business in that specific niche.

Choosing a Niche: Flat Screen Computer Monitors

It might be kind of odd to be focusing on a niche about flat screen computer monitors when it seems like desktop computers are losing market share more and more each year. After all, there are tablets, smartphones, 4K televisions that can now act as a giant monitor, laptops, etc.

The thing is though, that the computer monitors of today don’t just have to be used strictly for desktop computers anymore. If someone doesn’t want to have a larger flat screen TV for say a gaming console, you can actually get a smaller computer monitor that will look just as a good as a top of the line television in today’s world.

Believe it or not I actually did this quite a long time ago with an XBox 360 and a monitor that was capable of 720p at the time which of course I thought was the greatest thing whenever I think back to it. I couldn’t afford the televisions at that time as it was when HD was first coming out.

Another thing we can look at when it comes to flat screen monitors are the different sizes of them as well as the many different brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and more. We can also focus on wide screen monitors as well as 1080p monitors or 4K monitors. There are gaming monitors and believe it or not, gaming PCs are still quite popular these days which makes sense considering you customize them to the best possible graphics and performance to get the best out of games that go beyond at time what game consoles can do.

What Problems Need Solving in This Niche?

So now that we know what kind of monitors are out there, what problems need solving specifically in this nice? I’ve mentioned in the last few of these kinds of articles about a great place to search for those questions and it is called It’s just a remarkable site that can help you find some of the biggest questions people are asking in any particular niche and should help you figure out if you can answer them or solve those problems.

According to Answer The Public, some of the questions and things people are looking for are things like what kind of flat screen computer monitors have built in speakers? What are the prices of flat screen computer monitors at Wal Mart and Amazon? Are there magnifiers for these flat screens? Can you have wall mounts for them? The list goes on, but I want to know go to another place to find questions about this niche.

Common Questions for Flat Screen Computer Monitors

The place I’m talking about is Quora and it’s a wonderful site where questions are asked all the time and people usually answer those questions in many different topics. It’s free to sign up and they’ve even made it possible to earn money with it now just by answering questions.

Upon typing in flat screen computer monitors, some of the questions that come up on Quora are questions like are curved monitors worth it? Roughly, how many unique screens can a 1366 x 768 flat screen computer monitor display? Some of these questions have been answered already and you can read what the answer is. You can also see what questions have not been answered and if you are knowledgeable about what’s being asked, you can definitely answer or maybe even post a link to a specific article on your website that can help answer that question.

How To Tell If It Will Be Profitable

Now that we know where to go to see what problems and questions exist for this particular niche, let’s see if it can be profitable. All you have to do is type in flat screen computer monitors in the Google search bar and the first thing that you’ll see are prices for different sizes and brands of computer monitors that will range in price from $57 to $199.

I want to take a look at Amazon as that is a great place for one to earn some money if you’re a member of the affiliate program. If you decide to go the Amazon route, you need to know that if you’re accepted into the Associates Program, it does have some stipulations to be fully accepted into it.

You’ll have over 180 days to have at least 3 sales and if you don’t reach that in the allotted time you’re given, you’ll be rejected from the Amazon Associates Program. This is not the end of the world if that happens and you can actually reapply again in the future. On another website that I own, I got rejected from Amazon’s affiliate program, but about a year later after my website matured a little bit and I was starting to get some traffic, I was able to reapply and try again to meet that target withing the time given and I was successful that time around.

Getting back to prices of flat screen monitors on Amazon, there are some good ones selling for over $100 and there’s one that’s highly recommended by Amazon that is selling for $549.99. Let’s say you have an affiliate link for that specific product on your website and someone is very interested in that particular monitor and they end up buying it. Your commission sale from that will be anywhere from $22-$30. Now that might seem small considering the full price of that product, but Amazon’s commission rate is generally around 4% and sometimes might go as high as 12%. The thing you have to remember though is that if you have enough traffic coming in to that page and a lot of people interested in it, that $22 to $30 can add up quick.

Affiliate Programs for Computer Monitors

There are some other great affiliate programs though for computer monitors. Tiger Direct is a great place to shop for computers, computer accessories and flat screen monitors. Upon checking out their affiliate program, it appears they have a commission rate of 3%. That’s slightly less than Amazon, but still doable.

Lenovo is a great computer company and I actually use a desktop PC that’s made from them. Their commission rate is 5% which is a little better than Tiger Direct and Amazon. This is definitely where you want to do some research to see what might be the best affiliate program for you to join. Different affiliate programs have different commission rates as you’ve seen above. If you search hard, sometimes you’ll be able to find some that might offer 25% or more commission rates.

What You Need To Do To Start Earning Money

Alright so now we know what kind of flat screen computer monitors are out there, what kinds of questions and problems exist in that niche, and what affiliate programs are available for it. The next stop is to lay the foundation to build a profitable online business in this niche.

The first step that needs to be done is to find a domain name to your liking which will be your website’s URL address ( Godaddy is definitely the place to find and register a domain and they don’t cost you very much. They’ll be anywhere from $13 to $15 a year.

After that, you need a place to host and a website editor so that you can start building up your website with content that way you can start getting recognized by the search engines especially Google. This is very important because your ultimate goal is to be on the first page of the Google and other search engines such as Bing.

In order to get onto the first page of the search engines though, you need to develop content that will get ranked and so you want to target keywords that will help get you ranked. There are keyword tools out there that will help you in this endeavor as you want to find keywords that can definitely get you some traffic, but also have low competition.

Keywords for Computer Monitors

Finally, you need a place that will teach you how to put all this together and show you how to build a long term profitable online business. You’ll want a place where you can get help anytime you need it, has an excellent support system and will update you with any new information and training should the need for it arise. Fortunately there is place that offers all of that and more and that’s exactly what I will talk about next.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate

If your passion is flat screen computer monitors and you have done all the steps above, the final one that’s needed is a place to learn how to put everything together and build a profitable online business in this particular niche or even in any niche that you so desire.

The best place to do that is Wealthy Affiliate and they’ll teach you exactly how to do all of that in what is called Affiliate Marketing which is really everything I talked about above. If you’ve been following the last few articles in my series, you’ll see that I’ve always talked about Wealthy Affiliate at the end.

I’m not trying to sound like a broken record, but Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal if you want to earn money online especially in the long term to the point where you’ll be able to quit a full time job and focus solely on your online business. They make absolutely no promises of quick and easy money and provide tools to help you succeed, but it is ultimately up to you to succeed as you are the one that will have to put in the work.

If you follow the training and put into action what is taught on a very consistent basis, you will definitely start seeing success and it will keep building the longer you stay consistent with it as well as always be willing to keep learning. There’s always updated training and live weekly video classes so you don’t ever have to worry about things becoming stagnet.

They will also teach you how to find keywords that you’ll want to develop content around and how to get that content ranked so that your traffic will start building which will eventually lead to revenue. That’s the big key right there, getting traffic to your site and providing great value in the specific niche that you have chosen.

One of the biggest things I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they have one of the most helpful communities I’ve ever seen anywhere online. If you ever get stuck on something or need further clarification, they are always willing to help and it is extremely rare that you don’t get a question answered. They also have excellent site support so let’s say something serious happened to your website like say you tinkered with the HTML code (a technical aspect of a website and trust me, you don’t need to know HTML to build a website) and for some reason your website now has a 404 Error (won’t come up). They’ll look into the problem and usually are able to restore the website, most likely to an earlier version. I’ve had that happen twice to one of my websites and each time site support was able to bring it back up.

Now you might be wondering if this is going to cost a lot to join or is it free and if it’s free, what exactly do you get to enjoy as a free member? Well the good thing I have to say about that is Wealthy Affiliate has 2 different types of memberships and the nice thing about either one of them is that you don’t have multiple upsells they try to cram down your throat like some other places online. 

Wealthy Affiliate is always free to join initially and when you do first join, you have 7 days to try out and see everything that it has to offer which I think is a great deal. Once that trial period is over, you can decide to become a premium member which is $49 a month (first month will be $19). Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate below and then give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out for free.

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